Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy S8


Hello, I heard you like mobile phones.

Early this morning a big MOBILE PHONE thing happened. A Galaxy S8 sized thing to be precise. Here's everything you need to know about Samsung's new flagship mobile.

The Galaxy S8 Is Samsung's Biggest (And Safest) Bet Yet

Gizmodo's Campbell Simpson is in the US right now covering anything and everything on this launch.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Australian Hands On

Campbell got the chance to mess around with the new phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Here's the local pricing.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Launch, As It Happened

In case you want to go back blow-by-blow.

Samsung's DeX Station Converts Your Galaxy S8 Into An Android PC

Very cool.

Samsung's New Gear 360 Shoots 4K Video And Live Streams VR

This is the future.

Samsung's New Gear VR Finally Comes With A Motion Controller

Before I've even got Touch Controllers for my Oculus? What the hell?

Every Aussie Telco's Plan Pricing For The Samsung Galaxy S8

Very helpful for planning your moneys and whatnot.

So who's getting this one? I'm totally happy with my Oppo. My secret shame.


    The long one might be good for cinemascope movies.

    rather than click into every article and find this answer

    can someone tell me

    is the screen HDR?

    the Sony Xperia flagship is HDR
    the LG G6 is Dolby Vision HDR

    good to know what screen this phone has

      Yup. Quote from the Gizmodo play-by-play;

      The phone's screen is also HDR Premium certified, so Netflix and Amazon Prime Video content will be delivered to your mobile with HDR support

      Would be mad stupid to include a 4k display in a device this powerful and not have it HDR.

      Last edited 30/03/17 3:40 pm

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