Explore A New Galaxy Of Wonders (And Danger) In The New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer

Explore A New Galaxy Of Wonders (And Danger) In The New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer

Nobody ever said finding a home for an arc full of cryo-frozen people was going to be easy, right?

Gif footage: EA.

A new clip teases out more of the stakes that will propel the next instalment of Bioware’s space action RPG series. Judging by those tanks at 0:56, it seems like some of the bad guys might be undertaking some sort of specimen collection for different races. A ship crammed with mint-condition humans could be a tempting target if that was your fetish. We’ll learn more about it all when Mass Effect: Andromeda hits in two weeks.


  • I pretty much bought an Xbox to play the first masseffect and thought it was one of the most unique and fun games ever made. I’m afraid though that being EA they will do the bare minimum to sell this game. Basically it won’t be horrible but just good enough that they don’t too much public outcry. I guess that’s the best you can hope for these days..

    • I agree that there is the unknown about how this will truly turn out as there is always that risk starting a new chapter off old IP.
      IMHO it worked really well when halo did Reach but failed dismally when they did ODST

      My money is more towards ‘will be great’ and depending on its success will determine the future of the Andromeda universe so I doubt they would do the bare minimum when it has the chance to really bring in the $$ if done right

      Fingers crossed

      • Interesting. Just today I was thinking of Halo but my opinion is that ODST was fantastic and Reach was an interesting idea but flawed game that started the decline of Halo.

        An example being that after ODSTs firefight I was very much anticipating its addition in future Halo games. After Reach I never want to play firefight again.

        My opinion of the 2 games comes from a gameplay standpoint, I’ll agree Reach is a narratively stronger game.

        • I loved ODST as well. The voice acting was great and it gave more of a sense of badassery taking down these powerful aliens as opposed to doing it as the OP Spartan.
          But I also loved Reach, both the story and the matchmaking.

    • Given the improvement between Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, and the expanded release schedule they now seem to be following, I’m cautiously optimistic about Mass Effect: Andromeda. It seems EA have allowed the Bioware team a little breathing room of late, perhaps realising the blockbuster status of the games they develop is unlikely to continue if they try to pressure them to meet a release schedule similar to DICE like they did when they pushed them to develop DA2 and ME3 in the consecutive years following the release of ME2. ME2 was a masterpiece they’d spent 2 years developing, with significant improvements over the original in several areas whilst cutting several problem areas. DA2 was a copy/paste nightmare, obviously rushed out the door to meet a schedule. ME3 was basically ME2 with a new skin and story. There were few innovations unlike ME, DA:O and ME2, and I think we all agree the ending was just a rushed mess that felt tacked on because the story had to end somehow. It was more polished than DA2, but that’s not hard. Then came Inquisition. A fully fleshed-out story that brought new ideas to the table, was masterfully written and took us on a new adventure with characters we could genuinely feel invested in. It was ME2 all over again, except on an even grander scale. Sure, there were some parts that still felt a bit incomplete, and they later admitted there were some ideas they’d been wrestling with that they just hadn’t had time to get right before the scheduled release and had to cut as a result, but the entire game felt a lot less rushed. It was 2 and a half years between ME3 and DA:I, and it showed in the quality of the game. It’s been 2 and a half years since DA:I. Here’s hoping it pays off similarly.

  • It’s probably no use down here in the comments, but there’s (what sounds like) a pretty massive spoiler in the narration at the start of the video, so maybe play it with the sound off if you’re trying to avoid plot spoilers.

  • What was that awful music? Did we learn nothing from the title credits of Star Trek: Enterprise?!

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