Final Fantasy 15 Now Has An Alternative Chapter 13

Final Fantasy 15 Now Has An Alternative Chapter 13

If you are one of the many people who hated Final Fantasy 15‘s thirteenth chapter, you will be pleased to hear that you can now skip it entirely, thanks to a new route that’s full of beefy Gladiolus shots and even political humour (see above).

The “alternative” Chapter 13, which you can access from the main menu once you’ve beaten the game, is roughly 20 minutes and lets you play as Gladio and Ignis as they look for Noctis, have a couple of tame encounters with Ardyn, and fight a bunch of robot soldiers. There are no interesting plot revelations or mechanics here. It’s only worth playing if you want to test out Gladio’s combat before deciding whether to buy the new DLC pack, Episode Gladiolus, which goes live today. (I’ll be checking that out as soon as it’s up, too.)

This new update also makes Noctis’s spells more powerful — including a faster version of Death — which makes the normal Chapter 13 easier to handle as well.

Other political references in the alternate version of Chapter 13 include the lines “you’re the puppet” and “fake news”. Yes, really.


  • Im pretty excired to get everything ffxiv has to offer. This game has been so much better than my experiences with ffxiii.

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