Fine Art: Modern Magic Masters

Past in Flames. Image: Anna Steinbauer / Wizards of the Coast

Last week Magic: The Gathering's 2017 Modern Masters set was released. While by nature the set didn't introduce any new cards, Wizards of the Coast did take the opportunity to revamp a few of them with new art.

Below you'll find a selection of some of the updated art, as well as which card they belong to. Personally, my favourite new piece is the one above. It speaks to me.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.

Stony Silence. Image: Mark Poole / Wizards of the Coast
Serum Visions. Image: Izzy / Wizards of the Coast
Ranger of Eos. Image: Ryan Pancoast / Wizards of the Coast
Goblin Guide. Image: Filip Burburan / Wizards of the Coast
Cavern of Souls. Image: Richard Wright / Wizards of the Coast
Snapcaster Mage. Image: Ryan Alexander Lee / Wizards of the Coast
Abyssal Specter. Image: Daarken / Wizards of the Coast


    Ok i know what i want for my bday, I wish Magic Deals the free to play game had all the cards and was on ps4.

    One new reprint that wasn't mentioned with new arts I liked was Agent of Masks. I wish I could look that serious about anything.

    I'm not a huge fan of the new Snapcaster and Past in Flames art. Especially the Past in Flames art. I freaking loved the original art for that card.

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