Fire Emblem Heroes Spring Event Comes With Bunny Costumes

Fire Emblem Heroes Spring Event Comes With Bunny Costumes

Fire Emblem Heroes is about to get a little more colourful. The Spring Festival tosses fan favourite heroes into bunny costumes and adds a new, lighthearted side story to battle through. But it’s mostly about those absurd outfits.

Look at this wonderful nonsense.

The Spring Festival will run from March 30 to April 13. The biggest draw from the event are four bunny costume for major heroes. Chrom and Lucina from Awakening will hop into the fray alongside Xander and Camilla from Fates. Xander was noticeably absent from the game until now. And, holy crap. He’s making an joyous entrance. These goofballs are cute and will be available as heroes from your orb summons. I definitely want Lucina.

The heroes are a bit different here. Mostly, they’re getting odd weapons as well. Camilla forgoes her axe for what looks like an egg that casts green magic. It’s sure to be a boon to flyer-based teams. Xander isn’t using his signature Siegfried sword either; instead, he’s attacking people with a giant carrot. Because folks gotta have their Vitamin D and their eyesight isn’t going to cure itself!

There’s a small side paralogue as well. Fire Emblem has had some wacky optional content in the past. Fire Emblem Awakening had a hot spring map and an autumn festival. Fates had a fan-service heavy beach brawl. I wasn’t expecting anything like this for Heroes. It’s a welcome addition to a fun game.

Try not to whale on summon draws trying to get these festive characters though.


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