Flexible Lego Tape Is A Great Idea

Flexible Lego Tape Is A Great Idea

One of the biggest problems facing today’s Lego builders is there are only so many surfaces that can accept bricks. Team Nimuno proposes flexible solution to this dilemma — rolls of colourful, cut-table, Lego compatible tape.

They’re calling it Nimuno Loops, and lots of Lego aficionados were talking about it during Toy Fair 2017 in New York last month. It’s pretty much rubber stripes with adhesive on one side and Lego-compatible studs on the other. Just thinking about the concept sets my eyes wandering about my office, wondering which un-Lego’d surfaces to Lego first.

Flexible Lego Tape Is A Great Idea

Nimuno Loops is the brainchild of Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, a pair of professional industrial designers out of Cape Town. They’re into designing toys that encourage creativity and interacting with the physical world. Placing sticky Lego tape all over everything counts.

Flexible Lego Tape Is A Great IdeaThe Lego strip down the dino’s back to pure class.

The Lego strip down the dino’s back to pure class.

I managed to run into Anine Kirsten at Toy Fair last month, and she passed a long a small Nimuno Loops sample, attached to her card. I had put it to random use.

Flexible Lego Tape Is A Great Idea

Note that I placed it on a flat surface. I’m not sure how well Lego bricks will take to being placed on a steep curve. Popsicle man here didn’t like it too much, attempting to tumble from his studded-perch with the slightest bend. The more points of contact the better, I’d imagine. In the video below you can see some of the applications Nimuno has thought up.

If all goes well with Nimuno’s IndieGoGo campaign, Nimuno loops will be all over the place come July 2017.


  • Oh my god…. lego bits coming at you from ALL ANGLES!!!! THE APOCALYPSE IS NOW!!!!

  • Still won’t sate the purists but anything that might help inject a bit of LEGO into the soulless void of dispair I call ‘work’ is a’ight by me.

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