Four Indie Games Launch On Nintendo Switch

Four Indie Games Launch On Nintendo Switch

For all of the hullabaloo about the Switch having a minuscule launch lineup, Nintendo’s hybrid system has actually come out stronger than most new consoles. That’s mostly thanks to Zelda, of course, but there’s also Specter Knight and now a bunch of indies coming to the Switch this week.

Next time Nintendo updates the Switch eShop, you’ll be able to buy:

  • Binding of Isaac Afterbirth, a creepy roguelike
  • Little Inferno, a solid adventure game
  • World of Goo, a fun physics puzzler
  • and Human Resource Machine, a puzzle game about programming office workers

All of these are ports from other platforms, of course, but they will make for nice breaks for when you’re sick of exploring Hyrule. And they’re helping cement the Switch’s rightful place as The Next Vita.


  • Only Little Inferno was up on the eshop this morning for us.

    And reports so far is that it runs just as badly as the Wii U version did.

    • In finished it on the Wii U. Ran smooth all the way through. What persay ran “badly” about it? My wife and I never had a hitch.

    • Yeah apparently it’s only North America at the moment so this article isn’t helpful here.

  • If it’s going to be the Next Vita then I’m going to go and ‘prepare’ for the incoming deluge of anime girl games. JoyCon indeed.

  • If you haven’t played it I highly recommend Binding of Isaac. Incredible roguelike and very addictive. I see it as a perfect fit for the Switch playing on the go.

    • I’ve actually wanted to play it for the longest time, but I wanted it in a portable form which wasn’t crap.

      So kinda hyped for the switch version.

  • Nintendo’s hybrid system has actually come out stronger than most new consoles.

    Jason, you’re high mate.

    • Initial sales are stronger than every other Nintendo console, not sure how they stack up against all the others. Best reviewed launch game in history is also pretty strong.

      • I think that “best reviewed launch game in history” is the only reason the system hasn’t tanked worse than the Wii U at launch, which is great, but it doesn’t bode well for continuing sales until the next heavy hitter comes out, which is probably going to be Super Mario Odyssey at the end of the year (although you’ll see some bumps for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2).

        • Yes for Splatoon 2!!!

          2 of my close friends that have never really been console players at all are interested in the Switch. One has his on layby and the other is picking up a US version in a few months. The general buzz seems to be much higher than Wii U which was a pretty big flop. Neither of these 2 guys really care for Zelda that much, just want some awesome portable gaming which is finally here.

  • Can anyone confirm the AU price for Isaac? Portable Afterbirth+ is actually a huge selling point of the Switch for me, as it’s the game I’ve played most on my Vita. EB still have (hopefully) a placeholder price of $99.95.

    • Fairly certain Isaac, for the moment, is NA only. So that means no Aus release today. I could be wrong, but the CEO of Nicalis, Inc. tweeted earlier about the possibility of a European release sometime in the future, so I wouldn’t hold your hats. Luckily, the system is region-free and it’s relatively simple to create an NA account to get Isaac early. That is, if it doesn’t come out in Aus today.

    • There is no physical European release planned at this time – hence why there is still a placeholder on EB games store page.

      If you want it physically you will have to import it (I did).

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