Gamesmen Are Selling The Nintendo Switch On eBay For $450

Image: Nintendo

You'll have to use a code at checkout to get it, but the end result: a Nintendo Switch console with all the bits and pieces for just under $450.

As posted on OzBargain earlier this morning, the Gamesmen are currently selling the Switch on eBay for $498.95. That's more expensive than what you'd get in-store or through the Gamesmen website.

However, eBay has a 10% site-wide discount right now. So if you apply the discount code C10 at checkout, the price drops to $449.06:

Image: eBay

The catch - because there's always a catch - is that you won't get your Switch until next week, even if you pay $30.25 for the faster shipping option. (The good news is that the free shipping option arrives a day later, so you might as well use the spare $30 on a microSD card, or SnipperClips.)

If you'd prefer to get your Switch earlier than that, you can still pre-order online through Gamesmen or EB Games. Both confirmed to me earlier this week that they were still taking day one pre-orders. For Gamesmen, you'll need to place your pre-order by 1:00 PM AEDT today though. Have at it, people.


    You do the same at Big W with the regular price. Staff discount and cheap gift cards. Grab your friend who works at WW and get the cheap gift cards from whichever place sells them in your area. Bang, 10% off (well 9.75 but close enough).

    Semi-related; given the reports of the Switch's hardware flaws, who would feel comfortable buying the Switch from an online retailer, with their various warranty difficulties? For this reason alone I always buy my consoles from physical stores.

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