Get Yourself A Beautiful Set Of Elder Dice, Includes Illustrated, Cthulhu-Themed 'Spellbook' Box

Metal dice a gorgeous. Unfortunately, they're not very practical if you game on glass or wooden surfaces. Even then, rolling them can be pretty loud. Of course, you can always turn back to regular plastic dice, but they need to be special. Real special. How about some Cthulhu-themed ones?

A Kickstarter project by David LaRocca called "Elder Dice" is offering horrifically pretty, Lovecraftian dice, shipped right to your door (or otherworldly portal). Originally aiming for a $US27,000 target, it's now sitting at $US115,475 with 18 days to go.

So that's funding sorted.

Image: David LaRocca

If you just want one set, box included, it'll set you back a reasonable $US19 ($25), while all three is $44 ($58). A "set" in this case contains the following: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12 and a d20. FYI, "d%" is a percentile die.

If you ant to go all-out, a "Collector's Set" is available for $US69 ($91) that includes three sets of six-sided dice, on top of the boxes. $100 is quite a bit for dice though, so don't fret if you're not willing to go that far into R'lyeh.

Image: David LaRocca

There's no need to worry about shipping to Australia, with the NSW-based Aetherworks handling local fulfilment.

I'd be willing to part with $25 for the box alone, but having the dice is awesome too. Could make a nice present for an RPG-loving friend, or a sweet accompaniment to your tentacle-based gaming endeavours.

Elder Dice — Cthulhu Mythos themed dice for tabletop gamers [Kickstarter, via Nerd Approved]


    These look awesome! Worth it for the box alone.

    Just a little note on the metal dice Logan, your linked article from back in 2015 was part of the inspiration for me to recently start an Aussie online dice store that focusses on affordable metal dice.

    Check it out at if you like.

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    I'll stick with my $3 eBay dice thanks, expensive dice don't make the game any more fun.

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