Good Morning, Planescape: Torment Is Getting Remastered

Image: Beamdog

It's playable on modern machines now, but wouldn't you much rather have a version that plays nicely with modern PCs?

That's what Beamdog, the team behind the Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games, is banking on. Along with making Planescape: Torment natively compatible with Windows 10, widescreen resolutions and the other bells and whistles you'd expect for 2017, Beamdog will also be bringing some evil D&D to mobile devices.

The trailer confirms that Chris Avellone, who worked on the original Planescape: Torment as well as the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games, is also contributing to the remaster.

Available through the Beamdog site for $US20, the remastered Torment will be released on Steam, GOG, the Beamdog website, iTunes and Google Play from April 12.


    :O good times folks

    Wow. That's does make for a good morning.

    Whoa, awesome. I was about to coincidentally buy it last night because I don't have a disc drive anymore to load up my physical copy. I'll wait now.

    Well that's an awesome​ bit of news.

    What I hope is this eventually leads to is Neverwinter nights 2 being remastered so I can play the campaign coop with my friend without jumping through a dozen hoops that never seem to work thanks to the GameSpy servers no longer existing.

    Last edited 29/03/17 10:01 am

    Hopefully they'll do an update of Arcanum too. That game is basically unplayable on modern machines.

    Don't really want to buy yet another copy of Planescape, so is there any chance it will be released as a patch for those who already legally own it through GOG and other websites?

    Wow. Just jumped through all the widescreen/ui hoops and started the playthrough I've been putting off for years.

    Definitely worth waiting for the remaster though. As long as Beamdog doesn't decide to add NPCs of their own.

    it's coming out in like 2 weeks. How long has this been in the works for??

    Yesssss after hearing how good this is meant to be and with Baldurs gate getting the treatment, I've been hoping this was coming to iPad. Never played any of these games, and this is definitely the one I want to sink hours into reading on the couch.

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