Here’s Everything You Can Buy On The Nintendo Switch eShop Today

Here’s Everything You Can Buy On The Nintendo Switch eShop Today
Image: Steam
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So everyone getting a Switch today will probably be grabbing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well. But what if you want more than just one game for your new console? Here’s everything you can buy from the eShop today, as well as how much it costs.

All prices below are in Australian dollars, GST included.

NEOGEO Classics

There’s a stack of emulated classics on the store this morning, and they’re all pretty reasonably priced.

NEOGEO The King of Fighters ’98: $9.10
NEOGEO Waku Waku 7: $9.10
NEOGEO Shock Troopers: $9.10
NEOGEO World Heroes Perfect: $9.10
NEOGEO Metal Slug 3: $9.10

These are the same games you’ll find on the PlayStation Store and elsewhere, although they’re a dollar cheaper than PSN or Steam (after converting from US dollars).


Image: Shovel Knight Spectre of Torment

There’s a range of indie titles available – and at fairly reasonable prices too.

Othello: $6.50
Vroom in the Night Sky: $11.99
Frontier Days: $13
Shovel Knight: $13
Voez: $27
Fast RMX: $29.95

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is the prequel for the original Shovel Knight, which was a cracking good game. $13 is a pretty damn good offering for those who haven’t played it already. And it’s nice to see Fast RMX at an affordable price too, given the retail release of Fast Racing Neo was pushing $50.

First Party/Bigger Titles

Image: Nintendo

Snipperclips: $30
I Am Setsuna: $59.95
Super Bomberman R: $65
1-2 Switch: $69.95
Just Dance 2017: $89.95
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: $89.95

Not a terrible price for Breath of the Wild, if you wanted to have the game installed on an SD card or not restricted to a game cartridge for whatever reason. And Snipperclips at $30 is a good price, too.

So that’s everything you can pick up from the eShop today, once you’ve powered up your Switch and downloaded the day one patch. See anything that catches your eye?


  • I was going to grab 1-2 Switch but it’s a bit pricey. I figured it’d be nearly free like Wii Sports.

  • I always wanted to play shovel knight, but didn’t know why I never pulled the trigger on it. Having it portable but with a big screen option is perfect for me, and the treasure trove is a lot of game!

    The neo geo games were a surprise, but I already have them all on the wii and they perform really well on that system (and I have four arcade sticks).

    I’ll be checking out snipperclips on the weekend, it’s been one of my most anticipated games for couple time.

  • $65 for Bomberman R? is that it’s retail price? i thought it was meant to be full priced, i may pick it up for that price once BOTW wears out a bit.

    Edit: EB has it for $90, that’s a pretty big discount….

      • Yeah, i might buy it as soon as i get my switch in case it’s some sort of mistake haha.

  • Literally every person who I showed my Switch to today was blown away. This thing could be big.

    • There are 2 entry for shovel knight. One is the full complete bundle which is $30+ and another is $13. Don’t know the difference though wasn’t looking.

      • $13 is Spectre of Torment, which can be played as a stand alone game, $30 is everything Shovel Knight including Spectre of Torment 🙂

  • I bought fast rmx and would recommend it to everybody at $30 its a steal as its a really good game and best part is its under 1gb in size so still plenty of space on the switch. 1-2 switch can be bought cheaper from target and is pretty fun (some of the minigames are hit and miss) and it has one mode where you make 2 teams and go across a board to get to the end while completing minigames mario party style; while its not as good as mario party its still a blast. Also grabbed zelda for cheaper from target and its amazing

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