Here's The First 35 Minutes Of Prey

If you're interested in something that wants to take the mantle of the modern day System Shock, Bethesda has 35 minutes of Prey to show you.

I won't spoil things, but Prey doesn't open quite the way you think it does. It takes about 10 minutes for shit to hit the fan, before the setup goes full System Shock and you get an audio log reminiscent of the missive from Dr. Janice Polito. (January takes place of the doctor, in this instance.)

The gameplay also shows off some of the stealth sections and skill trees:

Image: Youtube

Not exactly the hacker/psi/soldier model, but there looks like plenty of options to play with. The opening doesn't say you're restricted from investing in multiple skill trees, although not all three pathways have an equal amount of goodies to find (the scientist skill tree only has eight unlockables, at least from this segment of footage, compared to the 18 in the security branch).

You can view the full 35 minutes of gameplay below. And in case you're squeamish like me: no, there is no eyeball piercing incident, don't worry.


    Interesting, but it's nothing we haven't seen before many, many times.

    I see System Shock, Bioshock and Deus Ex. I loved all those games but big leaps always bring something new. Plus they have the fun factor.

    Looking forward to reviews.

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