Here’s The First Look At Hollywood’s New Version Of Tomb Raider Heroine Lara Croft 

Here’s The First Look At Hollywood’s New Version Of Tomb Raider Heroine Lara Croft 

The upcoming Tomb Raider movie is due out next March. This film’s iteration of Lara Croft is a dead ringer for her video game counterpart.

Photo by Graham Bartholomew

Photo by Graham Bartholomew

Photo by Graham Bartholomew

Images of lead star Alicia Vikander have debuted in an interview in GQ, showing the actress all bandaged up and holding a pick-axe and a bow, with a quiver slung over her shoulder. When Tomb Raider 2013 came out, Crystal Dynamics’ version of Lara looked less exaggerated than previous versions. That decision clearly has had ripple effects into the movies, since the most notable thing here is how much Vikander’s costuming mimics the look that Lara sports in the latest Tomb Raider games.

The obligatory video-game-movie question gets asked and director Roar Uthaug answers thusly:

Video game movies have a reputation for disappointing both critics and fans of the games. What will make your Tomb Raider different?

We drew a lot of inspiration and reference from the game and the entire Tomb Raider canon to develop our world, and I believe fans will recognise that. At the same time, this is a completely different theatrical approach to Lara Croft that will offer something new in the origin and development of the character. It’s a story that not only highlights her incredible physical accomplishments but delves deeper into her humanity.

Uthaug also says that, when compared to the Angelina Jolie-centred films of the past, this will be a more grounded sort of Tomb Raider movie:

How closely will your movie echo the narrative of the 2013 Tomb Raider video game?

That game was certainly part of what inspired our film. I think fans will be delighted to discover many touchstones from the game throughout the story. At the same time, this is not the kind of video game adaptation you often see, with a lot of CGI and effects. Our movie takes a more realistic, grounded approach. Lara Croft is a hero and a champion but she is not a superhero. She is very much human, and we see her deal with that humanity in many ways.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to open in the US 16 March 2018.

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  • Tomb Raider was/is the hottest Angelina will ever get.

    Hence, it is a very tough act to follow.

    • Angelina is way too fake much like Lara’s earlier representations in the games. Hopefully we will get a bit more of a gritty representation in this movie to parallel the evolution of the character in the games. I think Vikander is a good choice.

  • Looks like they’re avoiding the part where she falls on a rusty metal spike at the start and then after removing it somehow remains mobile and doesn’t die from blood loss and infection.
    She is very much human, and we see her deal with that humanity in many ways.Cue half an hour of shooting and killing a bunch of men, then 5 minutes of crying over having to kill a deer for food and then another 30 minutes of killing indiscriminately. ^_-

    All jokes aside though, I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s generally pretty hard to screw up an archaeology adventure flick. **Totally disavows all knowledge of the existence of Indiana Jones 4**

  • I squealed like a schoolboy when I heard this news. I am totally in love with the Lara Croft reboot and I am totally in love with Alicia Vikander so I hope they really don’t stuff this one up!

  • will offer something new in the origin and development of the character

    So it’s not going to be a faithful adaptation of anything. Why don’t they ever do that? Ass Creed, Doom, Res Evil, Prince of Persia were more inspired by their respective video games than adaptations. Maybe we’d like these movies more if they were more like the games we love!

    • For the record, I enjoyed Prince of Persia the one time I saw it as an entertaining popcorn film. I think one problem game adaptions have is those adapting them never seem to understand the appeal of games. How much is game play and how much is story. Then when it comes to game play, how do you adapt that?
      Max Payne comes to mind, people will say the game has a gritty film noir story, but really the appeal was bullet time and gun fights. Those making the film just did the story and there was one underwhelming big gun fight. They didn’t capture what is the most appealing and memorable part which is actually playing the game.
      While they did a shit job on the story and script, if they had included some Shoot Em Up or John Wick style action, the film would have worked so much better.

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