Here's The PlayStation Plus Lineup For April

April's PlayStation Plus lineup features a launch game, Drawn to Death, as well some older games you might have missed. Co-op Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a lot of fun if you enjoy yelling at your friends under the guise of teamwork.

Screenshot of Drawn to Death via Youtube

Remember, these games are only "free" if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership.

Here's April's lineup:

PlayStation 4

  • Drawn to Death
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

PlayStation 3

  • Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom
  • Alien Rage — Extended Edition

PlayStation Vita (crossbuy with PS4)

  • 10 Second Ninja
  • Curses 'n Chaos


    Once again utterly smashed by the games with gold line up

      Not surprising, considering that Microsoft is trailing in the sales numbers. Remember last generation when PS3 pulled out all the stops to release awesome games and great deals? I think MS is in a similar position. Sony can afford to rest on its laurels (i.e. put less budget towards PS+ games).

        Sony can afford to rest on its laurels
        I really wish they wouldn't. I'm heavily considering dropped PlayStation Plus since I feel there hasn't been value for money since the PS4 launched and it became a requirement

          If more people drop PS+ it would prompt Sony to pull up its socks, but I regularly play PS+ games and play online, so I don't really want to cancel (yet).

    This is piss poor.

      Eh... free games are free games. Gotta take the good with the bad.

        Except they are not free games. They are a part of a paid service.

          Yeah, but let's not forget that MS introduced Gold to play online. Sony upped the ante by including free games as part of the deal. So while you are right, it's more a case that the games were extra freebies to entice people (a) to pay for online and (b) not to defect to Microsoft, which had the better network. MS only introduced Games with Gold after Playstation had a runaway success with its PS+ service.

            And there was a frog in a pot of water, that didn't notice as the water slowly began to boil.

            Paid shovelware is paid shovelware, no matter the justification.

              I'm not disputing the quality of the games being offered, just that the essence of the service was an online pass. The free games were an incentive to differentiate the service and to mollify those who objected to paying for online play when it had been free in the past.

    Whilst some months for Xbox have been medicore, Playstations continue to be months upon months of shovelware.

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is great, but I've already got it. No idea about the rest.

    Drawn to death looks fun LiaDS IS fun and I don't own it, only played at a mates. Again, decent games I wouldn't usually buy but happy to bag as freebies. Don't get you crybabies. If they put up AAA games I've usually already got em (as is what usually happens with the Xbox offerings).

    I picked up Final Fantasy XV for $20 last week due to a PS Plus discount, that more than makes up a PS Plus Month without something grabbing me too much.

      But isn't it weird that you had to pay extra to get value out of a service/deal you're already paying for?

        I'm one those who don't see the point in PS Plus giving out games that I want to buy, because then I have to keep paying to play them. I'd rather get a whole bunch of games that I wouldn't have given the chance otherwise, so I can find some diamonds in the rough.

        The heavy discounts on games that I want to buy eventually mean that I get keep them even if I decide to ditch PS Plus down the track.

        If you're expecting the PS Plus free games to be your primary source of games, I can totally see why you'd be disappointed, but I'm playing for discounts and online play, the monthly free games are a bonus.

    Once again nothing to get excited about

    surely after this long they could put some AAA titles up why nothing but indie games i don't expect gta 5 but why not AC black flag or watch dogs or whatever they are 3 years old or more i don't expect them every month but 1 every 2 months would be better than what they are putting out now

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