Hi. Um. This Is A... Video Game

Yes. This is definitely a video game.

I can say that much.

This is spectacular. This is special. Please watch this. If you do anything today, watch this trailer.

Worth it just for the bears at the start.

It's called Everything and it's a consciousness simulator. Truly this is what it's like to gaze upon the face of God. It comes out on PlayStation 4 on March 21.

[Snaps Horizon: Zero Dawn disc in two]

"I won't be needing this."


    Those rolling bear animations would've blown my mind back in 1981.

    "What the hell are these graphics....is that bear floating on that grass....*bear begins rolling* ......OH MY GOD I WANT TO GO TO THERE"

    That got quite mesmerizing.

    There's no way I'm going to watch a 10 minute trailer for a crappy game about bears
    *10 minutes later*
    I... I need to rethink the universe as I know it...

    Is it actually a game? The trailer doesn't seem to suggest any challenges to be overcome, it looks more like interactive art. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but it's good to know which one it is before going in.

      Kind of reminds me of Proteus, theres no element to it being a game and more of an exploration thing

    I couldnt find it on the AU psn store. However, I did see this when I went searching.
    You searched for: everything
    49 matches

    Something kind of funny about that. Or its just one of those slow mornings. Probably the morning thing.

    Thanks Mark, needed a day of existential crisis lol...... joking/not joking aside I love shit like this makes me think real hard. Would be nice if they continued commentary like that throughout the game, making you question yourself as you played, but it was probably just for the trailer hmm

    Rolling bears had me. But then... it got serious... and my mind was blown to oblivion.

    It almost feels like Katamari. Definitely got that David Oreilly (check out THE EXTERNAL WORLD on youtube) charm

    I can already tell I would enjoy this multiple times more than No Man's Sky

    The weird rolling animals made me think of Cubivore.

    Sean Murray, is that you?

    That's one way to save time on animating a walk cycle.

    "Worth it just for the bears at the start"

    No. Worth it for the bears at the end.

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