HITMAN Infographic Reveals Hard Numbers On Coconut-Related Deaths

Image: Square Enix

It's expected these days that publishers and developers gather metrics for their big releases. The question now is how detailed are those metrics? In the case of IO Interactive's HITMAN, it tracks deaths down to the coconut.

To be honest, it feels like IO could have provided even more stats. The infographic is close to 7000 pixels tall, yet almost 40 per cent of that real estate is promo material rather than interesting figures. Still, it's nice to know that:

...only 2% of players killed Ken Morgan with a Coconut

Now that's specific. Who knows what else IO is tracking beyond what's shown in the infographic?

Anyway, here's the full image for your perusal.

Image: Square Enix

One Year of HITMAN [Hitman]


    More words of dialog than LoTR yet shared between maybe 10 voice actors. Pretty sure I hear that british accent woman in every 3 NPCs

      and I'm pretty sure the rest are Gavin Hammon (Kenny from TT's Walking Dead)

    Can i kill someone with a tray? I want to hack at the neck with the thin bit until the blood flows..

    It's so, so good.

    Favourite kills are either the crazy rube goldberg ones or the ones where you learn the level so well you poison a cup and are half a level away before they cark it.

    BTW to get Ken Morgan with a Coconut:

    1. Poison the dish he goes to on the buffet in the restaurant
    2. Head upstairs to the mezzanine of the restaurant and look out of the window into the atrium
    3. Morgan will go throw up in a bin in the atrium directly under a coconut palm
    4. shoot the coconut through the window to make it drop

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