Honest Trailers Struggles To Find Bad Things To Say About Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is pretty much neck and neck with Zelda for my favourite game of 2017 so far and — if I'm being honest — Horizon is slightly ahead at this point on account of its combat.

So it makes sense that the Honest Trailers team had such a hard time finding negative things to say about the game!

Actually, if anything this Honest Trailer totally celebrates what's great about Horizon. Cause it is great.


    Seriously? How about the fact that there's hardly much armour choice in the game and only "outfits". Same with weapon variety and only 3 types of rarity. Merchants are boring as hell and all feel the same. Reward boxes are dull and hardly are surprising too. Lovely game though 8/10 but to say there's nothing wrong with it is silly

      But the outfits are the armour with their stats and how they affect you?

        I guess to sum up I would of liked more RPG depth as it is marketed as one.

        More weapons, armour parts (helmet, chest, gloves, rings, trinkets) and unique drops.

        I never really felt motivated to stray away from the main quest unless I needed parts to upgrade a weapon from the merchant.

          I for one am glad it didn't have all that crap, I thought the mods were enough to customize different loadouts for different situations. Not to mention the different weapons and level of weapons that did different stuff. But that is your opinion and that isn't wrong either.

        Not to mention the endless mods to place in said "outfits".

      Anyone needs some extra seasoning for their steak? This dude has a surplus of salt.

      If you look for problems, you will find them. In anything.

      But to me, Horizon does a incredible job of keeping them to a minimum.

      Merchants are boring as hell and all feel the same

      Why would merchants be interesting or entertaining? If you're looking for your entertainment in this (or any other) game to come from the merchants, I'd respectfully suggest that you're doing it wrong.

      Video game merchants are basically just menus that let you get stuff to make the actual game more enjoyable. They're not the game themselves.

    Honest Question,
    Most people seem to be saying the story is good, so how do they exactly explain the robotic dinosaurs that rule the earth with it not being totally ridiculous? Game looks great! but story looks super thin (I haven't played 1 second of it)

      This is one of those situations where the only correct response is "JUST PLAY THE DAMN GAME"

        That wont happen for a long long time. Zelda

          I made the mistake of starting Zelda half way through HZD.

          Haven't played HZD since.....And I thought it was a fantastic game. Thus is the awesome sauce of Zelda.

      Story is fine. It's fed to you in chunks over various story missions. The robotic creatures weren't always aggressive, they serve a purpose in restoring the biosphere after a cataclysmic event.

        Thanks for actually answering my question! ;)

      stupid comments...

      Last edited 22/03/17 11:07 am

      Believe it or not, there is a story reason for it. In the context of the world, it's actually quite a decent reason too. The story in Horizon Zero Dawn is - at best - a serviceable sci-fi tale, but that explanation was part of the story that I actually enjoyed.

    There is 1 MAJOR flaw with this game.....

    It is NOT on Xbox. ;-(

      You mean it's JUST PS4. I mean .... seriously? Why the hell cut out so much of your market? Don't they want to sell games?

        Not sure if serious or simply unaware, but the developer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony.

          Yeah, I'm aware, but still it means I'll never get to play this game. I'm married with 2 young children, I will never be able to justify having multiple consoles again!

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          And they can still make more money selling this to other platforms. Not everyone has the luxury to afford multiple consoles and a pc.

    Unusual. Didn't seem like anything negative - except for a passing comment about an icon-laden map screen.

    Did I miss something, or did this Honest Trailer pretty much turn into an actual trailer?

      Honest trailers aim to be honest, not negative!

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