Horizon Zero Dawn Has A Dinosaur Fight Club

Horizon Zero Dawn Has A Dinosaur Fight Club

And the first rule is that we’re all going to talk about it.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Kotaku Review

For years now, the latest console generation has been coasting on the idea that more raw power means better games. The PS4's newest exclusive, Horizon. Zero Dawn, is the rare game that delivers on that promise.

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Thunderhoss has been putting in work pitting Horizon Zero Dawn‘s robot dinosaurs against each other in deadly combat, filming them as an innocent bystander (after overriding one of them to make it an “enemy”) then providing commentary over the top.

It seems like something that drunk people could be making bets over.

And if they’re not then they should be.

You can watch a lot more of these vids here.


  • It seems when you tame a robot, their strength and HP increases? I tamed a cat the other night and it took down a Thunderjaw, while I saw the thunderjaw in a previous game take out 3 of them?

    • Right, it’s the same theory as the corrupted bots being stronger too.
      I’ve overridden Lancehorns that went on to one shot everything nearby. Shellbacks have a melee attack that just wallops anything.

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