Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Beautiful

Horizon: Zero Dawn is now in the wild. I've been looking forward to this moment. Mainly because I couldn't wait to see what people would do with the game's photo mode.

As you might expect, I've not been disappointed.

This game is beautiful, and this incredible photography reflects that.

Dr Guildo


Khalifa Jayy












Seen any other incredible photos? Taken any yourself? Chuck them in the comments. I'll add the best ones to the post!


    Really enjoying the game so far, even if some design choices leave me baffled (e.g. You can't compare equipment when in menus or buying something?).

    But it sure is pretty. One question I had how do you get PS4 pro to save and upload your pictures and videos in a higher quality? Have I missed an obvious 'click this doofus' button somewhere?

      That's my ONE complaint about this game! Everything else I love to death.

      Press or hold the share button then go to settings from there. You can save photos at 4K (though they take ages to process or view) and video in 1080p (up from 720p I believe).

    Very innovative, not as innovative as Zelda BoW though. Just kidding.

    I really like the quick saves and the fact that the whole world (scenery) isn't littered with resources.

    This has to be the most streamlined open world game I've ever seen. It's leaned from every game before it, and you can feel it.

    At first I wasn't impressed with their choice for the setting; robot dinosaurs. But as I'm playing the game I feel why they went in that direction, it makes for a lot of fun and it also allows the world to have modern elements and mechanics as well as old fashioned ones.

    I honestly wasn't expecting a great story from this (being Guerilla), but it seems poised to shatter my expectations.

      Same, im very impressed. I have played many of the great collector games ubisoft etc and was hesitant at first but it doesn't feel like a chore. The dialogue is pretty well written too. They have made same great design choices.

    Damn I'm looking forward to picking this up after work and playing tonight.

    Sucha great game, having a blast. The only thing i dont like is as above no compare for gear

    Custom button assignments come on people it is 2017. Other then that I really feel sorry for those people who dismissed this game without giving it a go. Really solid game, in depth mechanics, great combat, top story.

    A wonderful and often magical game. This is what gaming is all about.

    Oh.....And get a pro + 4k HDR TV. So so worth it.

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