Horizon: Zero Dawn Sells 2.6 Million, Gets An Expansion

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One of the biggest problems with Horizon: Zero Dawn was that there wasn't enough of it. But don't worry, an expansion is coming.

In an announcement on the Guerrilla Games website, the developers announced that the studio is "already hard at work on an expansion to the story", although no specifics or time was given. The studio did add that Horizon sold more than 2.6 million units digitally and on Blu-Ray, which hopefully means we see more Horizon and less Killzone in the years ahead.

If you haven't played Horizon already, small tip: you really should. It's one of the few games that really showcases the power of the PS4 Pro, regardless of whether your TV can do 4K or not. The photo mode is also great to mess around with, and the art is top notch too.

The Art Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon. Zero Dawn isn't just a very good game, it's a very pretty game, and that goes all the way back to the game's genesis with Guerilla's art team.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: The Kotaku Review

For years now, the latest console generation has been coasting on the idea that more raw power means better games. The PS4's newest exclusive, Horizon. Zero Dawn, is the rare game that delivers on that promise.

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    Picked up this and a PS4 Pro last night... no prizes for guessing what I'm doing this weekend!

      Waiting for all the patches and updates to download? :D

    Well yay! Nice news to start the morning. Just hope it isn't some generic dlc, and is actually a proper expansion.

    I hope they let us carry learnt skills into the expansion. I hated Far Cry 4 expansion cuz I had to re-acquire the skills. I never finished those expansions.

    Very happy to hear that a DLC expansion is coming. I'm very happy to put some money aside to buy it when it comes out

    Excellent! One thing I REALLY loved was the utter lack of a season pass. I loved how this game wasn't front loaded with DLC. A few things for pre-order, ok fine. But no season pass, no frontloading, that was great to see. And now since the success they announce working on an expansion? Doing it right Geurilla Games, doing it right, well done people you deserve all your success! :)

    Couldnt be happier with this news. Just platinumed it last night and already want to have another go. Certainly has a flaw or two but damned if the whole isnt an incredibly well crafted experience.

    This game has an instant buy for dlc in my book. Get hype yo

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