How To Play Switch On TV If You’re Worried About The Dock Scratching Your Screen

How To Play Switch On TV If You’re Worried About The Dock Scratching Your Screen

Between reports of screen scratches and concern over blocking the heat vents on the back of the tablet, some folks worry that docking for TV play isn’t the best thing for the Nintendo Switch. Good news for them — all it takes to bypass the dock is a simple USB-C extension cable.

While folks like me were desperately trying to plug USB to HDMI adapters into the bottom of our Switch tablets (which does not work, dammit), folks over at Reddit were carefully connecting the female ends of USB-C extension cables to the port inside their Switch docks, then running the other end to the tablet.

You can get these cables on the cheap online. Plus they come in rose gold, which is lovely.

You can get these cables on the cheap online. Plus they come in rose gold, which is lovely.

The tricky part is getting the female end connected to the inside of the Switch dock, what with the space being so narrow. Considering that the front plate of the dock is just plastic, you could always just cut it off, maybe do a nice Triforce pattern.

But it does work, once you get the cords connected. Then you just need a nice third-party stand with room for a charging cable, and you’re good to go. Note that connecting the Switch to the TV in this way will not allow you to play tablet-only games like Voez mirrored on your television, as the console thinks it’s in the dock and turns off the tablet screen.

Adam Schwartz of YouTube channel Switch It Up, who sent along the tip on the cable extensions, made a lovely little video demonstrating how it’s done.


  • I bought myself one of those Nintendo screen protectors when I picked up my Switch. EB Games offered it to me (you know, as they do to try and increase sales/your spendings) and so I thought why not, it’s ten bucks.

    Turns out it was a really good decision.

    It’s a dead shame to see that people are scratching their screens when docking/undocking their Switch consoles. Thankfully, due to the screen protector, my Switch’s screen is fine.

    • Getting a screen device without a screen protector is like getting a car without insurance.

      • I think on one hand, it is a bit of a design flaw, e.g. the way the dock is made, it’s quite easy for one to accidentally scratch the screen of their Switch when docking or undocking the Switch. I would suggest to people to “be careful”, but we can’t quite blame them. I think this an issue that Nintendo should have further considered.

        In saying that, I do agree with you. The Switch is not a cheap device. When I buy expensive products, especially electronics, I tend to want it protected to the best of my ability. My Samsung Galaxy 7, for example? Protective case and screen protector. I’ve seen what happens to smart phones when people drop them.

  • That’s a top idea. We may pick up a switch when the Joycon issue is fixed and they redesign it slightly, later in the year probably if they do. But until then, still a great idea.

  • I don’t have a switch, but the ability to scratch it through regular use seems like a pretty massive design flaw to me.

    • A handful of people have done so, presumably through not getting a screen protector for their screen device.
      That’s self inflicted damage to me.

  • Just be careful putting it into the dock. Problem solved.

    Plus the title & article.

    Is this satire? Or real life? This just in….

    PlayStation 5 requires to to caress your tv with sandpaper before playing every time, here’s one way on how to get around that.

    • It’s seriously crazy that people are defending Nintendo on this isn’t it.

      “My PS4 overheated…”
      “It’s your own fault for not running the air conditioner and pointing a pedestal fan at the console!”

  • I just paid $5, bought some stick on felt from Bunnings, and cut several pieces out to line both sides of the dock. Took 10-15 mins and is super smooth now, no scratching.
    Agree it is a design flaw, should’ve done the above from the get go or at least used some silicon sliders on the frame.

  • Ummm, isn’t one of the main points of the dock to provide extra cooling for when the clock speeds increase when the Switch is in TV mode? Won’t this just cause it to overheat?

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