If Nier Automata Were An 8-Bit Game

If Nier Automata Were An 8-Bit Game

Then, I guess, its characters would look like this.

[GIF: Hagetaka]

Twitter user Hagetaka has been creating retro versions of Nier Automata protagonists like A2 and 2B. 

The cool part is that Hagetaka has also been offering a window into the process that went into creating this 8-bit art:

Excellent work!


  • This is cool, definitely.

    But I find it very annoying how all retro-style graphics are labelled as 8-bit. 8-bit graphics would have far fewer colors, be much worse animated and depending on the machine could also be a lot blockier. These retro Nier pieces are more representative of 16-bit graphics. While some 8-bit machines were pushed to incredible degrees (e.g. the Apple II with Prince of Persia, or the Commodore 64 with Mayhem in Monsterland) they still wouldn’t be able to do graphics like the above.

    Interestingly, the work-in-progress videos are much more representative of what 8-bit graphics would look like: fewer colors, and lots more flat shading.

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