In Prey, Great Alien Power Comes With Great Responsibility... And Nightmares

Prey may unashamedly be influenced by the likes of System Shock and Dead Space, but honestly, we could do with more of these sorts of games. With the title's May release fast approaching, publisher Bethesda has been ramping up the content drops. First we got a healthy chunk of gameplay and now more details about the characters and narrative, courtesy of the developers at Arkane Studios.

The four-minute video delves into the game's ever-changing dynamics as the player decides how much "alien power" they want to take on, as well as the various decisions points when interacting with characters. Help them? Leave them to die? It'll all affect how things wrap up in the end.

However, these choices have immediate gameplay impacts too, as creative director Raphael Colantonio explains:

One of the choices you have to make is how much alien power you want to invest in. The more you do, the more the aliens are aware of you... there's an alien called the Nightmare that has been designed to chase you basically ... he will appear more often. Also, the turrets will attack you because they will recognise you as an alien entity.

I'm quietly confident Prey will be great, even if it borrows heavily from the playbook penned by the likes of Irrational and Looking Glass Studios. Arguably, that's a good thing.

Prey -– Only Yu Can Save the World [YouTube]


    Seems to me that where it borrows more unashamedly from is Bioshock. Not that that's a bad thing, still.

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