Japanese 'Bunny Bread' Looks Cute Enough To Eat 

One of the best things about Japan is its bread. And one of the best things about said bread is how creative it can be.

[Image: cocomademoII]

"Usagi pan" (うさぎパン) or "rabbit bread" is not new. For a while, certain bakers have fashioned buns into bunnies — and other animals as well.

And so on.

What is new is a Tokyo bakery's take on rabbit bread:

[Image: cocomademoII]

The entire loaf is bunny-shaped, so that when it's sliced, you get:

The best part? This bakery is called "Lepus", as in the rabbit constellation Lepus, so thematically, this works!


    Japan is the perfect case study for the negative effects of the western diet. Kids with acne, kids a foot taller than their parents, various cancer rates increasingly with every generation since WW2.

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