Jumanji Isn’t A Board Game Anymore, It’s A Video Game

Jumanji Isn’t A Board Game Anymore, It’s A Video Game

Remember Jumanji? Of course you do. What a stupid question.

You probably also know that Jumanji is due a remake, starring The Rock and Karen Gillan. Well, recently The Wrap uncovered some intriguing news.

In the remake ‘Jumanji’ isn’t a board game.

It’s a video game console.

This is amazing.

Apparently four teenagers discover the SNES-era console at school during detention and — of course — start playing it, which transports them into alter-ego characters. Sucks for the guy who had to be Kevin Hart.

This makes total sense. Plays perfectly into the hands of people like me, who are nostalgic about the original movie but also nostalgic about 16-bit era consoles.

It’s genius. Pure genius.

Also it has The Rock.


  • Interesting twist. Makes you wonder about the original of the board game, and then the console.

    What’s wrong with Kevin Hart?

    • Literally everything is wrong with Kevin Hart. 99% of the time he’s the only person laughing at his own jokes when he’s making public appearances (like the nba all star weekends)

      • I was totally confused for a bit then checked the googles and realised I was thinking of Kevin James.

        • Jimminy Jillikers… it was only upon reading your comment that I realised I’d been doing the same thing. Oops…

        • Guiness are going to be so disappointed when i call them back to tell them i didn’t just find the world’s first kevin hart fan.

  • Think I theorised something like this when they were complaining about Karen’s outfit

    • I kinda hoped they were going to do some commentary on female board game minis, but that might be slightly obscure for the average Hollywood movie punter.

  • This must be one of those edgy articles where the author is being serious but if you disagree he’ll say it was obvious sarcasm.

    • No, it’s The Rock; I can see how you would confuse the two on account of them both having all the muscles

  • Part of the charm of the original movie was seeing the jungle slowly leak into an urban town until the tap just broke and it started flooding (literally even) out causing chaos and havoc. Having people transported into a video game won’t have that same charm and it will just be an “Escape from the game” kind of movie. Unless they have them able to move between game and reality and slowly have more of the game come back with them. That’d be cool.

    Now I want a Space Demons movie…

    • Not long ago I was thinking a Space Demons movie would be awesome and that I should get a copy of the book (and it’s equally awesome sequels) for my daughter.
      And this article also made me think of Space Demons.

      • +1 for a Space Demons movie. This is the booked the kicked me head first into SciFi and Fantasy. Just waiting for my kids to get old enough to pass it down to them.

  • Sounds fine. If we’re going to have completely redundant remakes, then all the better if they bare little resemblance to the original movie.

    • This. I love Karen Gillan approximately as much as I loathe Jack Black, which is to say, substantially.

  • I don’t know if this concept will be able to nail balance of comedy adventure and spooky mystery the original had.

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