Just Cause Movie Will Star Jason Momoa

Just Cause Movie Will Star Jason Momoa

With his turn as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa did the TV franchise thing. He’s currently doing the superhero franchise thing with Justice League and Aquaman. And next, he’d going to try the video game franchise thing. He’s just signed to star in an adaptation of Just Cause.

An image from Just Cause.

Deadline reports Momoa will headline and Brad Peyton, director of San Andreas and the upcoming game adaptation Rampage, will direct. The hope is to turn the action adventure game into a movie franchise. Because that’s always the hope.

Just Cause is about a highly skilled operative for a secret group called the Agency who goes on dangerous, destructive missions with lots of gadgets and extreme sports flair. Whether or not the film will follow the story of the first game is unclear, but Deadline says “it is expected to deal in some way with [a] crisis of conscience while on a mission”. The writer of Master and Commander, John Collee, penned the script.

With the mix of Momoa, Peyton, a good screenwriter, and a cool video game, you might think this is a home run, right? Well, no. Video game movies are much better known for being bad than good. Everyone involved has a huge task in front of them. It comes down to the simple fact that video game characters are generally kind of thin because the user projects themselves onto those characters. Then again, Peyton is currently adapting a video game about a giant gorilla, lizard and wolf. If that works, I’ll have more faith in Just Cause.



  • They’re getting a large Hawaiian dude to play a medium-sized Mexican? Or is he playing a character that isn’t Rico Rodriguez? Either way I think Rico’s best character trait is his humour, hopefully Momoa can pull it off.

  • Please no… stop. Hasn’t Hollywood pillaged and tarnished enough video game IPs?

  • With his turn as Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis, Jason Momoa did the TV franchise thing.*

  • There’s only 2 ways you could do a Just Cause movie. One is super serious CIA man ziplining around overthrowing a dictatorship, the other is ziplining around stringing people and cars up to buildings and occasionally making cows rocket towards things until they explode. Neither by itself really makes for a good just cause movie.

  • This is one of those franchises you could probably give to Michael Bay and come away with at least a moderately satisfying result.

  • I’ve always referred to the Just Cause games as “Big Dumb Action Movie: The Game”. Now they’re making “Big Dumb Action Movie: The Game: The Movie”.

    They better not make a game tie-in.

  • wouldnt this just be xxx with a Hawaiian playing a Mexican, more grappling hooks and c4

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