Kid Makes A Cardboard Nintendo Switch Because Mum Won't Buy The Console

Gotta love the creativity of kids! Twitter user Ama-chan's kid brother made this cardboard Nintendo Switch because their mother wouldn't buy the real deal.

[Image: Ama-chan]

According to Ama-chan, her little brother is in Year 5 and dreams of making video games in the future.

If that doesn't work out, he can always design hardware, cardboard or not! 


    The mother is a smart lady. She knows that waiting a year or two will likely see a price drop and/or hardware revision.

      not from Nintendo. ain't gonna happen!

        I saw Super Mario Kart on the DS drop $5 once. Thats gotta count for something...

    Anyone else just experience a 1000-yard stare while they regressed into childhood memories of not having something that you wanted so badly?

    Lol that's too cute. When my parents couldn't afford a Gameboy Pocket and Pokemon Blue, my dad taught me QBasic so I could make my own game.

    In my family we had lots of people but no money. We use to make our own Atari out of cardboard, then the kid with the controller would tell the others how to move. We mostly played Pacman and pong......

    My daughter made a paper DS and played with it for months whilst she saved up to buy her actual DS Lite.

    After extensive testing, Nintendo's quality control team has reported increased durability when compared to the factory built versions.

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