Looks Like A Pornstar Is In The Nintendo Switch

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In Japan, there is an infamous gay porno called A Midsummer Night's Lewd Dream. The flick has spawned seemingly endless memes online in Japan. It appears like one of its stars is in the Nintendo Switch's Photo Album set-up screen.

As Know Your Meme explains, A Midsummer's Night Lewd Dream has often long been ridiculed online in Japan for its ridiculous, over-the-top acting. Even now, the film's characters still pop up online in memes.

One of said characters is known as "GO," which has morphed into a "GO Is GOD" meme (in Japanese "GOは神" or "GO wa kami").

This is GO.

And here are some "GO Is GOD" memes.

So earlier today, when people in Japan were setting up their Nintendo Switches, some folks noticed a familiar face.

That's right. GO.

As of writing, this tweet have been retweeted over 9,500 times. Others see the similarity, too!

[Image via 2ch]

See how the comparisons line up? Pretty darn close.

[Image via TetraNinja]

This gag cameo (?) isn't Japan-only. Check out the English language Photo Album set up page.

If this wasn't on accident, someone at Nintendo sure has a subversive sense of humour.


    See how the comparisons line up? Pretty darn close.

    Mate, there's that little detail in the image I could line next doors sheepdog up with it and you'd write an article declaring "Nintendo uses Smurfs neighbours sheepdog in Switch advertisement". Stay classy Bashcraft.

      I don't know man, there's enough detail there for it to be recognisable, some of the lines and shapes are too specific to be a coincidence. That's not to say Nintendo had any idea, art like that is usually done by an outsource company.

    If I posed like that it'd look like me.

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