Looks Like Deadpool Is Getting Ready To Kill The Marvel Universe (Again)

A few years ago, Marvel released a wild miniseries called Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Seems like Wade Wilson had so much fun murdering everyone that he's about to dive in for round two.

Image: Marvel Comics, via Axel Alonso

Although Marvel Comics has yet to formally announce the series, we at least know it's coming, thanks to some cover art tweeted out by editor-in-chief Axel Alonso:

The original series, published in 2013 from creative team Cullen Bunn, Dalibor Talajic, Lee Loughridge and Joe Sabino, saw Deadpool's brain warped (even more) by villain Psycho-Man, triggering a desire to... well, should I really have to explain the premise of a series called Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe? It's pretty self-explanatory. Suffice to say it ends up with a lot of dead superheroes.

I would assume its sequel will be very much the same. We'll bring you more on Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again when we hear it.


    This is pretty much where Marvel is right now, its the natural progression from renumbering every other month to just repainting old events or storylines.

    I mean it worked out so well for DC with N52. /S

    Atleast DC realised that they needed to tuck all their old continuity back into the universe, this X-men stuff is pretty lacklustre and if generations is a temporary thing its pretty much a kick to the teeth for anyone that wants continuity to return to Marvel. I am pretty sure DC have shown with Rebirth that you can have your cake and eat it too, I am sure it wouldn't take too much effort from their better writers to give just about everyone what they want.

      I've really hated the way both Marvel and DC tried to flatten their multiverses into single universes. The problem obviously is that fans have favourites and when they flatten the different versions into one inevitably someones favourite is lost.

      Much rather see them take an approach where there are different multiverses and if they want to say have an end of the universe story then it's just in *one* universe.

        I think at this point they probably can't put the genie back in the bottle, but maybe they can have a couple of titles off on the side with either golden age or silver age teams rolling along.

          True. It's just frustrating that their attempts to clean up the mess their comic multiverses had become actually made them even more messy :(

    "It's been done"

    Come on Marvel at this point your comic divisions become a fucking parody of its former self. Something original... please.

      I wonder if Marvel even cares about comics at this point, clearly the money is in the films and TV.

    The original series already had two follow-ups, 'Deadpool Killustrated' and 'Deadpool Kills Deadpool', that each had their own gimmicks instead of just recycling 'Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe'.

    Unless they have some sort of brilliant twist on the concept for it, 'Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again' is simply a lazy idea, obviously just trying to cash in on the characters rise in popularity since the movie.

    it interesting how it shows the deadpool with a punisher cutout as he did the kill the universe thing first anyway unless there was another one before the punisher one in 1995

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    Love all this belly-aching even though we know pretty much nothing about it.
    Why do you guys even open these articles? All you do is complain.

    Well the "repeating the same story" thing is working for Disney's movie division. So why not try it with their comic division?

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