Lucky Japanese Nintendo Fans Accidentally Got The Switch Early

The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3 worldwide. Yesterday, however, was March 1. Yet, a couple of lucky folks in Japan apparently got their consoles delivered two days early.

[Image: t_minamiura]

Via Splatoon Nawabari, here is a Switch that was sent out early.

[Image via Splatoon Nawabari]

As the label says, it was slated to be delivered on March 3, but...

[Image via Splatoon Nawabari]


[Image via Splatoon Nawabari]

The original Tweet got over a thousand likes.

Here is another lucky individual who also apparently got a Switch yesterday.

So far, these do appear to be isolated incidents.

Meanwhile, everyone else with pending Switch orders hopes their delivery service also screws up, bringing the console early.


    TBH I would not trust delivery to be on time. Buying in store on the date.

    This is Japan trying to steal new Zealand's "First!" post.

    That's OUR job!

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