Man Drops Nintendo Switch On Concrete 11 Times, For Science

Video: What did you do with your brand new Nintendo Switch when it arrived in the mail? Did you rip the box open and pop in Zelda? Did you lick the cartridges? Did you, perhaps, repeatedly drop it on concrete?

Switch drop

YouTuber Brandon Baldwin (GimoSlip) did. For nine minutes. It hurts to watch. But now we know that, if you're a big klutz, your Switch can survive about 11 drops from five feet.

This is sort of GizmoSlip's thing — stress-testing expensive hardware through liquid nitrogen, guillotines and Flubber. Still, on the Switch's day-one release this is so hard to watch. At least we know?


    That was unpleasant to watch.

      Agreed, but since we're at the point of no return, I'd like it if he did these additional tests.

      - Charge it overnight underneath some thick blankets.
      - Leave it in standby mode in a car during a really hot day.
      - Spill a soft drink all over it.

      You know, the other torture tests that careless users do to their electrical devices.

        Yeah, He should sit it on the couch and have a cat sit on it lol.

          Yes! He needs to find a way to jam as much cat fur into his Nintendo Switch as possible.

            Could we simply insert it into the cat?

              Good idea, that would also test scratch resistance. Two birds with one stone.

                Maybe we should get two birds to hold it and then throw stones

    That YouTube video showing how the Nintendo Switch is dropped 11 times from 5 feet is not rocket science the Nintendo Switch is to be used for personal use only we play the Nintendo Switch for a living and as for the Nintendo Switch catridges they are to be used for playing games only and not for licking or taste testing.
    Do not try them at home. No really just don't do it.

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