Marvel Would Really, Really Like To Remind You That There's A Ton Of X-Men Comics On The Way

There is only one way to remind people that the X-Men are coming back to Marvel's comic roster in big way, other than liberally sprinkling oodles of X-Men comics among your solicitations. And that way includes copious amounts of the classic X-Men cartoon theme song.

As if the almost ceaseless deluge of announcements about them wasn't enough, Marvel has released a new "launch" trailer advertising the X-Men side of the (still atrociously titled) Resurrxion comic roster. And there's only one track that could possibly accompany it: An extended version of the beloved '90s intro theme from the X-Men cartoon.

I mean, they're already bringing back the nostalgia factor of corner art and the X-Men Blue/X-Men Gold concept. What's a little more '90s for your troubles? Still, after a few years out of the limelight, it is admittedly nice to see the X-Men become such a prominent part of Marvel's comic book output once again.


    That one time people were asking for angry force of nature Logan, but were are still getting Oldman Logan. This wouldn't be an issue if the current writers for him outside of his solo series weren't garbage.

    Jeff Lemire FTW.

      Pretty sure that at some point the whole resurrection thing will have to touch upon the return of the three big names that are currently dead, Logan, Prof X and Cyclops.

        Maybe they could even go more than five years before killing off Jean again. Cyclops is most definitely being replaced by his past self and the current state of Frost is a sign that Wheels is coming back.

          Very much doubt that young Cyclops is meant to replace the old one. None of the other young time-displaced X-men have been shown to be meant to replace the old ones.

            The thing is that none of the other characters are as far off the tracks as Cyclops. They don't have anywhere they could take him, even if they brought him back to life.

            And new Jean most definitely replaced dead one.

              Uh, forgot that Jean was dead as well. I can almost picture now she and Cyclops and maybe Prof and Logan meeting in some sort of afterlife and figuring out how to return to life because phoenix force something something. You can bet that dead characters will not stay dead, especially when they return will be a big event thing.

                Pretty sure Cyclops is evil though, so thats why I think young Cyclops is replacing him. That way he is back to status quo, rather than being the bad guy that just loses a lot.

    If there was any series that needs a "brand new day" style wipe, its X-Men. They've added and changed so much that the books are way too cluttered with duplicate characters that it's hard to work out what's going on... and no, splitting them into 18 different teams does not help

      Pretty sure that was what the Decimation arc was supposed to do...

      .. unfortunately that was handled as delicately as precision laser edge glass sculpting being done with a massive iron sledgehammer. Was a complete and utter mess with folks just suddenly loosing powers just to "trim" down the roster and so forth and just inconsistent writing..

    I agree with the sentiment to wipe and reboot, however I feel like Marvel need to cancel and reboot their entire lineup, Ultimate style.

    Their comics are just a parody of themselves now.

    It's not the characters that have chased me away from Marvel/Disney.

    They began to remind me of the old WW2 propaganda comics I used to read as a kid.

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