Mass Effect: Andromeda Players Are Creating Nightmare Characters

The Mass Effect series has traditionally allowed you to customise your main character. Some players take this as an opportunity to create inhuman abominations. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been no different.

Source: penguinz0

The new character creator has a lot of fun, futuristic makeup and tattoo options. But it's very easy to let things get out of hand.

Source: TheDkmariolink

Source: BestAtNothing

Source: Fuzziestkitty

Source: Regeener

As you may have noticed, players are given a lot of freedom when it comes to hair colour, and the colours of your makeup. If you really like neon green, then why not just cover your Ryder's entire face in it?

At 4:05 in this video YouTuber penguinz0 shows this Ryder's twin sister. I guess going monochromatic is a trend in the far flung future?

This isn't the only fun Ryder that penguinz0 has made. Behold:

Source: Penguinz0

YouTuber Clever Title Gaming has made a video detailing the process of making their Ryder. Here's the end result.

Source: Clever Title Gaming

Now that's a face I can trust, and not a terrible visage that is now surely embedded in my subconscious. Pleasant dreams!

What do your Ryders look like? Sound off in the comments.


    The gif f**kin' cracked me up!

      Proper genuine LOL at that GIF!!!!! My wife was like "wtf u laughing at?"

    Such a disappointing character creator :(

      Agreed. Even trying to create decent characters has pretty ordinary results .... with the added bonus having eyeballs popping through your character eyelids! Loving the game, but the mess my character is takes me out of immersion every conversation!

    Right. So we can make our characters look like this, but I can't even change the color of my Ryder's eyebrows unless I select a completely different (and unsuitable) preset head type.

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