Mass Effect: Western Sydney

Mass Effect: Western Sydney
Image: Rick Salter

I’m dying here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a massive universe, and there’s an awful lot to explore. But what would happen if Andromeda turned its focus to, say, a part of the galaxy closer to home?

That was the idea behind the following creations by Hojo Studio’s Rick Salter, who took Andromeda‘s planet interface and converted it to what it might look like if it was scanning Western Sydney instead.

Instead of Havarl, we have Punchbowl. And instead of finding the Archon, the WRX Tempest is scanning for goon. In the Bankstown cluster.

I’m dying.

Now we just need someone to make a mod. Bogan Effect: Andromeda. Please. Make it happen.


  • this is amazing. lost my shit and im not even from the east coast.

    i love the ‘fuck knows, hey’

  • haha I was actually talking to my wife about Casula Mall last night. Was telling her that last time I was there, I had a guy pull up in a van and offer me a cheap new stereo as I was getting out of my car. As good as the offer was, I had to pass it up lol

      • It’s happened to me before in the Melbourne suburbs, in traffic. Was pulled up next to the van at a red light and a guy in the passenger seat yells over to me with the ‘Got some speakers in here that were excess stock for sale cheap!’ pitch.

        I didn’t bite of course, but around the same time a mate who was driving in the area did bite, and later regretted it when the speakers turned out to be rubbish.

  • That is hilarious.

    They must have done a LOT of side quests to get Casula Mall’s viability up to 4%.

  • Funny because it’s almost true. *Spoilers ahead*
    First time I met the Angara, I notices how many of them had aussie accents. In one conversation I remember one of the aliens mentioning an area that sounded a hell of a lot like “Straya!”…exactly like we say it here in Aus/Nz.

    • That’d be their capital on Voeld, Esstraya. Maaaaaaaate.

      None of them has said “Yeah, naaaah, mate” to disagree with me yet, but it can only be a matter of time. Makes a change from British and American accents, I guess. And most of the accents are OK, although some of them tend to lean a bit cockney after a while.

  • Pfft… This thing clearly knows nothing about Casula…

    We most definitely do not have a Supré, let alone a JB…

    • But this is in the future, after a sleep of 600 years. Gleaming Future Casula, with Suprés and JBs as far as the eye can see, will be barely recognisable …

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