McDonald's Is Killing Off The Quarter Pounder With Cheese In Japan

Oh dear. This is bad news! Very bad. Starting April 4, you cannot order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Japan, because the country's McDonald's restaurants won't be offering it.

[Image: McDonald's]

This also applies to the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

According to McDonald's Japan, some restaurants might run out of their Quarter Pounder stock before that, depending on how quickly they sell through whatever they have left.

The Quarter Pounder launched in the US in 1972, but it wasn't widely available in Japan until 2008.

J-Cast contacted McDonald's Japan, and a spokesperson said the decision wasn't because the burger has been selling poorly, but rather, to revamp their line up.

Some burger fans in Japan are shocked, saddened and upset!

"The Quarter Pounder is finished... I'm shocked."

"Sayonara Quarter Pounder"

"I'm sad..."

"Me when I heard they're getting rid of the Quarter Pounder with Cheese."

"I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this I'll never forgive this"

Others are going to eat Quarter Pounders while they still can!


    Why not kill the big mac? it's meat and lettuce, and somehow less interesting than the sad european.

    Having tasted the maccas in Japan, I can vouch for the fact that the quality there is 10x better than Australia.
    Also, they have much better things in the menu too. Quarter pounder won't be missed

    Grab your pitchforks, we've got a country to save.

    Mmmm, now that's a tasty burger!

    But why is it a 'quarter pounder with cheese'?

    Quarter pounders have cheese on them by default.

      Quarter pounders dont have cheese by default - sure you're not thinking cheeseburger? Quarter pound refers to the weight of the meat (so ~120ish grams), not the ingredients of the burger, but the quarter pounder list of ingredients doesnt show cheese. Other default ingredients are pickles, onion, ketchup, and mustard, and thats it.

      So when you get a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, its specifically because they add cheese to those basic ingredients. Burger King/Hungry Jacks do similar with their Whopper.

      Besides, as its a trademarked name, McDonalds can use it any way they want.

        No I know that the name refers to the weight of the meat. But when you order a quarter pounder at Maccas, it does in fact come with cheese by default. I know this for a fact. My friend who works there is irked greatly by people ordering a 'quarter pounder with cheese' because a quarter pounder has cheese on it. By asking for just a quarter pounder, you receive exactly the same burger as when you ask for a quarter pounder with cheese. It's like asking for a big mac with special sauce.

          Thats not always the case though. It seems you're assuming that because Australia only has one option, and it comes with Cheese, that it means all of them do.

          They dont. The trademarked product, a Quarter Pounder, does not have cheese by default.


          In various markets where the cheese-less version doesnt get sold, the With Cheese is often dropped, which happens here, but thats not always the case. Other markets have the original version as well so have the With Cheese option listed as well.

          Try to realise this story is about things happening beyond Australia's borders. Theres every chance it was also reposted from the US Kotaku site. So theres every chance its called a Quarter Pounder With Cheese in Japan, because theres also a Quarter Pounder without cheese on the menu. Or that its been written for US readers, who do have both options.

      Negative. Quarter pounders never had cheese by default until the late 90s.

        I was not born until the mid 90s, so as far as I'm concerned that's the way they've always been ;)

    My love for the quarter pounder starts and ends in the wee hours of the morning after a night on the turps. It's the perfect combination of meat, grease and cheese my belly craves in the post drinking pre hangover phase. A kebab drowned in chilli or a bacon deluxe also works.

    Along time ago a quarter pounder actualy was a quarter pound in weight.

      and it still is... refers to the size of the beef patty only, not including bread cheese and the rest.

      so yeah theres 115 grams of peef in the burger, though id be guessing thats weighed before its cooked, so subtract some of the weight for water lost during cooking process.

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