Microsoft Is Making A New Xbox Controller Inspired By The Military

Microsoft Is Making A New Xbox Controller Inspired By The Military

Xbox just announced a new controller: The special edition Recon Tech wireless controller, to be released May 8.

With a stylised utilitarian look Xbox says was inspired by “military technology”, “combat armour and sci-fi mechanical gear”, the controller has etched textures on the front and back, apparently for grip. Like other Xbox wireless controllers, it’s Bluetooth compatible. Mostly, it’s pretty.

The controller will be available in Australia May 8 for a steep $99.95, still half the cost of an Elite wireless controller.


  • Is that a slight nod to Nintendo with the coloring near the ABXY buttons? Or have the Xbox controllers always had that? (Genuine question, never owned a Xbox)

    • They add that in when the remove the colour from the face buttons (Y, B, A, X) all together.

    • usually the xbox buttons are coloured themselves. this is what they do now since the xbox one S controller came about. i personally prefer the coloured buttons.. easier when playstation owners come and play 😛

    • On the Forza Xbox One the controllers are already like this (because the buttons are black with blue letters)

  • Great, but maybe Microsoft could release more reasons to own a second controller?
    I have two and have only used the second one for two days out of 3 years. And that was for Gears 4, more than a year after I bought the second controller. Halo 5 not having Co-Op (and being shite) was a real let down.
    That said I’m not really using the first controller either since XB1 has no games

  • “Military Style” huh? Does that mean it costs a few trillion and doesn’t work properly?

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