Monopoly Trades Three Classic Game Tokens For A Penguin, Ducky And T-Rex

The results of January's Monopoly Token Madness fan vote are in. Three new game pieces will be included in the next generation of the classic board game this spring, at the cost of a trio of tokens that have been with the game since the very beginning.

Apparently Monopoly players really like birds and tiny, comically-pinwheeling forearms.

According to Hasbro, fans across 146 countries cast over 4.3 million votes during the event, which pitted the eight current Monopoly tokens against 56 newcomers. Potential additions included new and updated vehicles, modern-day luxury items, a series of emojis, and a whole lot of animals.

The first classic casualty, the thimble, was announced during the 2017 New York Toy Fair. That 1937 original has been joined by its fellow founding tokens, the wheelbarrow and the shoe, casualties of a fan base with a thing for beasts and birds. Now the top hat, race car and battleship are all that remains of the original lineup, along with 1942's Scottie dog and 2013's unspecified cat.

Stay silver, my friends.

While I'm sad to see the three originals retire, it's hard to stay sad with the looming prospect of fighting my siblings for the tyrannosaurus piece at the beginning of every game (though these shots are taken on my desk at home, so I'll always have a spare on hand). Plus the chances of Hasbro playing off nostalgia in another year or so and releasing a classic edition featuring the lost tokens are pretty high.

The grand reveal is all part of what Hasbro is calling "World Monopoly Day", which I imagine is observed by angrily storming away from flipped Monopoly boards in a shower of colourful paper money. The fake holiday actually falls on Sunday, March 19, but that's not a good day for the announcement people, so here we are.

Animal, animal, animal, extinct animal, board, car, fake animal and hat.

Sets including the new token lineup should be in stores this spring.


    I knew cats were fake animals, their new designation should be ass holes. Long live our ducky overlords.

    I'm very disappointed dog in boot is no longer available as a combo game piece. Top hat car is still on the cards though I guess.

    Sad to see the boot leaving.. but happy that a penguin is now included!

    Given some of the choices in that line up and the fact it was an internet vote, it could have been much much worse.

    The only downside with this cool new line up, is that to use them you have to play monopoly.

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