New Hearthstone Expansion 'Journey To Un'Goro' Adds Quests To Matches

Blizzard unveiled the next expansion for Hearthstone today, bringing with it a series of mechanical adjustments and a massive overhaul to deck-building options in April 2017.

Dubbed "Journey To Un'Goro" and slated for an April release, the set will be prehistorically themed, filled with dinosaurs and primal elements. Some of the more intriguing cards already shown for it include a phoenix called Pyros that returns to your hand after each death or a volcano that douses the board's minions in lava. Some cards can also "adapt," or select from three random bonuses to buff up when played, like extra attack or taunt.

The most significant overhaul is the new quest cards, legendary one-mana cards that appear in your opening hand. Playing these will set a quest for you to complete, like "play seven Deathrattle minions." Once you've satisfied the requirements, you'll be given a massive boon, like setting your hero's health to 40 (potentially healing off massive damage and increasing it past the standard 30).

Whether this will quell some of the unrest that's been growing over the past few months in the Hearthstone scene is uncertain, but the 135-card expansion can certainly try.


    Looking forward to seeing what the removal of 3 previous sets & 5 classic cards from standard, as well as the introduction of a new huge set will do to the meta. I will hope that it slows the game down, but I doubt it. I'll continue to pray though. :)

      Can't wait to see the end of Reno Jackson.

        Meh, I dunno. While it could be a crap card to play around it did promote building up your board presence to deal with your opponent in one major attack. It also helped to counter so many fast aggro decks and so I'm sad to see it go for that reason alone.
        And nothing was more satisfying than playing Dirty Rat and Reno gets placed on the board. :D

          Reno doesn't counter aggro very well, aggro is the deck that most consistently beats it. It's really easy for an aggro deck to deal lethal in 6 turns this past 2-3 seasons and the chance of drawing Reno before he can be first used is less than 50%. Reno's at its strongest against control decks and pushing to late game and fatigue.

            Oh I know that Reno is not a direct counter, but it does help in certain situations. So many times vs. Pirate Warrior when I've managed to hold out behind a taunt or 2 then play Reno has gotten me an instant-win via rage-quit of the Warrior.

              Interesting, I've had the opposite experience. I bust down renolocks more than half the time before turn 6 hits. If they do get Reno out, I find it almost always comes down to what my board looked like on the turn Reno was played - if I had 3+ creatures, I'd usually win. If I had 2 it would be a toss up, and if I had 1 or none it would usually mean a loss. This is assuming a moderately healthy hand of 3-4 cards in all cases.

              I actually don't like pirate warrior, but I did try it last season and it was stupidly effective. It's just a no-brainer like many face decks and I tend to prefer control and tempo.

        Right? Warlocks might actually have to come up with their first new deck design in months.

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