Nier: Automata Lets Your Corpse Join The Fight

In Nier: Automata you play as 2B, an unstoppable android killing machine tasked with ridding the world of alien robot invaders. When she dies, she transfers to a new body and keeps fighting, but don't count her old body out yet.

If you're playing Nier: Automata on anything over easy mode, you're going to die. The game has surprises in store for even the most seasoned gamer, so leaving a white-haired corpse on the battlefield is pretty much an inevitability. When it happens, go fetch.

Not a very dignified death.

Nier: Automata brings back the corpse run, a time-honored MMO tradition. When you die, some equipment and experience is left with the body you leave behind. To get that stuff back, you have to get your corpse.

Once at the discarded husk, you have two options. Either retrieve it, which gives you back your equipment and experience immediately, or attempt to revive it, getting back your gear while creating a truly gruesome combat buddy to fight alongside you. There's a slight chance reanimation will fail and the zombie 2B will attack, but what's death without a little risk?

Seriously creepy.

The zombie android fights by your side for a limited time, after which it dramatically explodes, returning the experience it was storing. What a weird game.


    So, like, does its clothes also become rebuilt? What happens to the old clothes?

    Really wanted to pick this up locally but cheapest I could find was $90, ouch...

    2B and not 2B?

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