NieR: Automata Pre-Order Arrives On Steam, Includes Bonus 'Valve' Accessory

Image: Square Enix

NieR: Automata came out on PS4 last month, with the PC release scheduled for a later date. That date folks is March 18, with the game popping up on Steam with its very own pre-purchase button. Minimum and recommended specs are also available, along with a special gift for those who pre-order via Valve's online store.

The PC pre-order already comes with a bunch of extras, according to a Steam announcement by Square Enix representative "Daniels":

  • Machine Mask Accessory
  • Grimoire Weiss Pod
  • Cardboard Pod Skin
  • Retro Grey Pod Skin
  • Retro Red Pod Skin

However, if you go the Steam route, you'll also get this.

Image: Square Enix

If you're wondering, yes, it's exactly what it looks like. You can wear it as an eye patch, or a pair of eye-patches.

Image: Square Enix

OK, the important question: Is your PC good enough to Nier? The fairly reasonable system requirements can be found below:

OS Minimum: Windows 7/8.1/10 64 bit Recommended: Windows 8.1/10 64 bit

CPU Minimum: Intel Core i3 2100 or AMD A8-6500 Recommended: Intel Core i5 4670 or AMD A10-7850K

RAM Minimum: 4GB Recommended: 8GB

Graphics Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 VRAM 2GB or AMD Radeon R9 270X VRAM 2GB Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 VRAM or AMD Radeon R9 380X VRAM 4GB

DirectX Minimum: DirectX 11 Recommended: DirectX 11

HDD/SSD Minimum: 50GB Recommended: 50GB

Unfortunately, if you were looking for a discount, the pre-order appears to be full price at $US59.99 ($78.99). If you can live without the bonuses, it might be worthwhile shopping around or waiting for it to go on sale.

NieR: Automata is coming to Steam on 17th March 2017! [Steam]


    March 10th is last month? lol k

      Japanese release date was Feb 23 lol k

      It was released in Japan and Hong Kong last month, brujo

      Came out in japan last month, author probs didnt check local release date.

      It's as good as released. I got mine last week and has full english options for subs/dubs.

    How long has it taken for someone to do a Steam pre-order bonus that was Valve's creepy logo? People have been putting the Heavy into things for ages.

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