No Man’s Sky Is Now Even More Beautiful

No Man’s Sky Is Now Even More Beautiful

No Man’s Sky is a video game that I loved, and I often felt alone in that sentiment. But regardless of the negative fan reaction a small community of committed players started using the game to create beautiful photography, because No Man’s Sky was — and is — beautiful.

Hello Games has rewarded these fans by giving the game an official photo mode and jesus wept — the photography is spectacular.

Incredibly, one of the most famous sources of stellar in-game photography, Dead End Thrills, actually helped out with the feature…

And of course tweeted a few of his own:

But here are a few more I found. Again, No Man’s Sky is such a beautiful video game.











And here’s some more I found on Twitter, thanks to the awesome No Man’s Pics twitter account:


  • Yep, I trashed the game upon release, but more than happy to say that now, anyone who buys it will get a pretty damn good experience 🙂

    • I just bought it about an hour ago. Downloading now, so should be ready to play by the time I get home tonight.

      $22 (with PS+ discount) is too good a price to pass up. Even if I don’t end up loving it, if I get an afternoon’s entertainment out of it then I’ll have got my money’s worth.

      • its very much a relax and then play it how you want it game.
        i find myself searching for particular things using my map scanner and before i know it ive wandered over a 1km away from my ship on foot due to finding caves and various rare elements and scanning for new species.
        admittedly i havnt played since the last 2 or 3 updates have been released. good luck and enjoy.

        • You really should grab the updates and jump back in, you can create vehicles and drive around planets, there are starship classes, new weapons, farms, the graphics have improved immensely, way more wildlife, and a ton more stuff that makes it a joy.

      • You’ll get an afternoons entertainment out of it at least. Just go into it realising its more Minecraft than [insert space shooter here].

        By the time I hit the wall of realising 90% of planets were uninhabitable chunks of rock, there were still other reasons for visiting them for at least a bit – upgrades, rare minerals, language, etc.

        Just dont go into it expecting every planet to be the first view of Jurassic Park, and you’ll be fine. Its not that sort of game.

        • Expectations should indeed be kept in check, but the new content at least gives you a bunch of new stuff to do 🙂

          But the base building, the new vehicles, the saving for giant ass freighters in space (they’re pretty awesome :O ) and the space combat is now pretty neat. It’s still not exactly the be all and end all of games, but I’d say it’s ‘worth playing’ now?

          • I thought it’s worth mentioning that it is not Multiplayer. Though you can have contact with the player via leaving notes. Just don’t go in expecting to meet another player…. I hope one day they do put Co-op in 🙂

            Sorry this was a reply meant for @braaains

          • Yeah, that’s fine. I don’t really play multiplayer anything apart from Battlefield.

        • I guess I’ll just repost my comment since my first attempt has been awaiting moderation for about 8 hours…

          Yeah, I don’t really have any expectations, to be honest. I wasn’t particularly caught up in the hype pre-release, so the post-release backlash also didn’t mean much to me, either, because I hadn’t been let down. I’m certainly not expecting The Greatest Game Ever Made for my 22 bucks 😛

      • SOLD! I don’t have the time to sink 40+ hours into the game. But it has intreeged me since it was announced, especially when I was a huge Spore fan. Thanks for the tip, I got it last night and $22 is a spot on price.

    • Have you played it since they added vehicles, new weapons, starship classes, battles with freighters and more.
      PS4 Pro support is now in as well.

    • Well, not everyone is going to like the style of gameplay or its visual style. Also especially if an opinion is largely borne out of disappointment with the launch.
      But thankfully you’re in the minority, as most of the feedback now is positive, largely as a result of the continued efforts of HG to improve and expand the game and its universe, despite their continued culture of silence.
      Even if you think of it as a glorified desktop wallpaper generator, it’s a damn good effort.

  • Good stuff. Can’t say I really liked it that much as a game but as a relaxing meditation thing it kept me going for several weeks.

  • This is all well and good, but is there anything else to do than sightsee and collect useless minerals?

    Gimme a better reason than “it’s prettier and cars” to want to put it back in the ole PS4

  • This game is garbage. It’s the only game on my ps4 that regularly crashes. And now with new “fixes” my character fell right through the terrain into an invisible ocean stuck beneath. And now because they do auto saves it’s basically screwed up over 40 hours of exploring. These guys are hopeless.

  • Just started replaying from scratch, forgot how tedious it is repairing ships but still enjoyed myself. Noticed there is a screen filter option. Would be interesting if they worked the filters into the game play somehow, have certain planets that are viewed more easily with certain filters or something.

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