Off Topic: The Best House You've Ever Lived In

I'm in the middle of moving house, which has made me think about the last seven or eight years I've spent draining thousands upon thousands into the black hole that is Sydney's rental market.

The first place I moved to upon leaving my parents was a nice unit. $400 a week with a mate of mine: not a bad amount to be paying just outside of Sydney at the time. It had a new kitchen, a crappy carpet, no furniture, and it got real hot in the summer. No aircon, obviously.

But as far as first places go, it wasn't a bad pad to start with. I don't mind electric stovetops, as long as they're not those god-awful elements that always seem to die.

After a year or so, the owner decided they were moving back into the unit and we had to quickly move out. My housemate then announced he was moving out with his girlfriend, leaving me in the lurch a bit, so I quickly found a place nearby where I stayed for six months. It was a small room, $270 a week, with a guy who kept turning the router off because he "wanted to save money on the power bill".

Not what you want when you work midnight shifts and you're trying to update things while you sleep.

Moving is a right pain in the arse, especially when it comes to the transition of bills/internet/keys and what not. What's the best place you've ever lived in?


    My current house. Built last year and moved in over Summer and could not be happier. :) Was lucky enough to custom design it.

    My wife and I have worked our collective asses off for this house.

    Moved tons growing up and lived in 30+ houses easily but current rental I moved into with the wife and our 3 kids is the best by far. Bottom floor is 3 bed rooms, nice size dining room, etc. Top floor is a 10m x 3-4m room. Serves as lounge room with a baby barrier dividing so the wife and I have a pc and gundam building section. Is massive. Has a kind of 4 room basement/storage area under the house as well that is easily big enough for you to live in. Also primary school is literally across the road. Only complaint is the backyard, not enough grass.

    My current place. I own it, which is a big benefit, but location and facilities in the area round out to be a nice package.

    Outside of that, there have been a few shared houses along the way (living in Rose Bay for example) that have taught valuable life lessons, so would get an honorary mention, but my current place would top the list.

    Not including the time when I was living with my parents, I've been in three places since getting married and moving out - a little 2 bedroom unit that we rented, a smallish 3 bedroom house that we purchased and now a fairly large 4 bedroom house that we purchased that we only moved into about a month and a half ago. This current one is the best one due to being less than a year old and being in a new suburb, though having said that we probably wouldn't have moved from our previous place if it wasn't for the fact that our family is growing and we needed more room.

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    Probably the current one. Cheap, small-but-just-the-right-size unit about 5km from the CBD. Looks pretty ghetto on the outside, but inside is actually pretty nice and modern. Great area, lots of cafes/restaurants/shops etc. FTTP NBN helps too!

    Excluding my parent's house that we had built on a big block right next to the river (they're selling it now, *sobs*), the previous place I lived at up until a month ago. It was cheap, only 10 years old & everything was modern* and my ensuite was amazing & I had an almost unobstructed view of the mountain which was only a couple of km's behind the house. Also obligatory FTTP NBN (but I've had that in every place I've lived at so it's not a big deal to me). And it was still within walking distance of the city centre. Tasmania has its benefits.

    *except for the stupid old 4 prong phone connectors on the wall. I still don't understand why they put them in :S

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