Oh Look, Another Sudden Strike Is Coming Out

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And for something that's flown completely off the radar, a bit of news for strategy fans: another Sudden Strike game is coming out next quarter.

More of a real-time tactics game than real-time strategy, the Sudden Strike series kicked off at the turn of the millennium. It was a World War 2 strategy game that leaned heavily on line-of-sight and cover, not unlike Relic's Company of Heroes which wouldn't be released until 2006.

Sudden Strike was never as polished, though. The game's interface was clunky at best, and the mix of environments and the size of the units meant you'd often lose sight of troops running through building, shrubbery, and more. Like a lot of strategy games of the era, the pathfinding wasn't great either - but instead of it becoming a feature that kicked off an esport, like StarCraft, it was just a right pain in the arse.

Nonetheless, the series is making a comeback. Announced last year, Sudden Strike 4 was recently rated by the Classification Board and it's due out in the next quarter.

That said, it doesn't look like all of the problems have been completely resolved. Infantry still have a tendency to blend into the background, and the interface won't thrill people who want a more modern twist on an RTS UI. Here's almost 20 minutes from the singleplayer campaign, courtesy of Polygon:

But if you'd like to return to the strategy of World War 2, and enjoy doing so without the complication of base building and economy management, Sudden Strike 4 might be your thing. It's coming out for PS4 as well as PC, Mac and Linux, with no word on an Xbox One port. If you're interested, here's the Steam page.


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