Overwatch Players Are Making Custom Sex Role-Play Rooms Now

Predictably, several 18+ sex role-play rooms have made their way into Overwatch's new "custom games" lobby.


"MERCY ABUSE RP 18+", "ROADRAT GAY BATH-HOUSE RP", "HIGHSCHOOL ROLEPLAY 18+ HOT" and at least five "DADDY" rooms, typically in reference to the tank Reinhardt, have crept into the "custom games" lobby after the feature's launch last week. In them, players mimic sex with Overwatch heroes' versatile movesets. Or, they lurk, as one does in these situations.

Are you even surprised, though? PornHub users have searched for Overwatch's Tracer 2.5 million times. A day before Overwatch's release, there were over 700 Overwatch porn animations. Of course trios of Roadhogs are clustering around out-of-mech D.Vas, hooking them in turns and typing lews things into "All" chat.

18+ mic chats seem to be the most popular. "MIC SEX LGBT 18+", "18+ GAYS ONLY", "SEX ROLEPLAY MIC 18+" and so on were up last night. Blizzard can't really prevent players from hanging out and having mic sex, especially if those chats are an extreme minority among the more PG custom games, like hide and seek or infinite ultimates.


Earlier today, I checked out the "ROADRAT GAY BATH-HOUSE RP" custom game, full of Roadhogs, Dvas and Junkrats. It was set in Ilios, where, obviously, there is a bath house. The players were in turns demanding sex in all-caps and running in circles. A Roadhog hooked a Junkrat repeatedly until that Junkrat launched himself into the air with a concussion mine, cackling with laughter. It was definitely a little BDSM. Also, Junkrats kept setting traps for D.Vas, which left them open to Roadhog's hook. In-game, that's a good strategy, but here, I think it may have meant something else. I didn't join voice chat.


BDSM role-play isn't new to Overwatch. In September, Kotaku published a feature on the game's "healsluts", a community of players who dominate and submit to each other, role-playing with tanks and support heroes.

The process of engaging in some BDSM in the seemingly squeaky-clean video game Overwatch is simple. Equip the angelic healer Mercy with her Imp skin, spray-paint an arrow on the wall, and crouch beneath it. If you're lucky, a tank will walk up to you and emote "understood." You'll serve them dutifully and wait for the private message after the match.

So, custom sex role-play games were inevitable. And even if Blizzard bans the words "18+", "role-play" or "daddy", crafty Overwatch players will likely continue to make mic sex role-play rooms with some fun euphemisms.


    And this is why we can't have anything when the internet is involved

    As someone with the nickname "Mic," this article made me feel very uncomfortable. :(

      You should be honoured that people want to SEX ROLEPLAY MIC 18+.

    I have to admit I laughed at all the "Torblets" lobbies. Partially because "Torblets" is a thing, and partially because there are so many of them.

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