Overwatch's Director Both Loves And Hates The Mash-Up Videos People Make Of Him

In recent times, a YouTuber named Dinoflask has dedicated their life to mashing up videos of Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan, turning them into everything from enraged rants to stories of Kaplan drunkenly pretending to be Junkrat's ult at a party. It's masterful work. Even Kaplan himself appreciates it.

As part of a recent Reddit AMA, somebody asked Kaplan about the notorious videos, which have established a sort of alternate universe Jeff Kaplan who's significantly more, uh, blunt (and also maybe evil?) than the mild-mannered design dad we've come to know and admire the patience of.

"[Dinoflask] is super talented," replied Kaplan. "The videos are hilarious. Obviously, I feel embarrassed when I see them. I mean, I am this middle-aged, awkward nerd with 0 points in charisma and really don't belong on camera in any way, shape or form. But if I look at the videos objectively — like if they were of anyone but me — they are hilarious."

"I always say that Dinoflask says what I wish I could really say (like that old Key and Peele skit with Obama's translator)," he added.

Theory: Jeff Kaplan is Dinoflask, and these mash-ups are the only way he can share his real feelings.

For real, though, it's fun to see a designer as high-profile (and impossibly busy) as Kaplan engage with the community that's formed not just around his game, but around his endearingly awkward personality. People dig him not because he's dramatic or controversial, but because he's straightforward and cares about keeping players in the loop. It's neat to see that resonate so deeply in this, the year of humankind's worst vices 2017.

The AMA touched on some other interesting subjects (potential changes to Lucio and Winston, loot box gifting, the possibility of bringing back certain seasonal events), though there wasn't a ton of detail to back them up. Still, it's worth a read if you're so into Overwatch that you clicked on an article about mash-up memes of the game's director.


    i have nothing but respect for jeff. he really knows how to engage the community.

    I'd like to point out that this wasn't a planned AMA, this was someone making a request and apparently Jeff read it and decided to go for it.

    From the AMA, I'd say that this really shows a lot about his character:

    When you were developing Overwatch, did you imagine it would earn Game of the Year less than one year after release? How did it feel when you found out it won?

    We make games to make players happy... not to win awards. With that said, I was extremely happy for my team that they were recognized. They were so loyal and dedicated... and they worked so hard. It made me feel really good that they received some recognition for their efforts.

    He shows one of the signs of a great boss without bringing attention to it: he gives his staff all the credit. So many bosses will say "this was my project" and take all credit, but Jeff seems like he truly cares for the people working under him and wants them to be recognised for the jobs they do.

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