Overwatch's New Hero, Orisa, Launches March 21

I remember when I played Overwatch. Back in my day you had your heroes and that was it. Now you have your new fangled Orisa and your Sombra. You darn kids.

It's been a while since I've played Overwatch, but from what I'm hearing a character like Orisa is long overdue. Folks are in need of another tank and she seems to fit the bill.

I might go back and play more Overwatch at some point. After I've finished Horizon... and Zelda... and the new Mass Effect and Night in the Woods. Oh and Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming out this year.

Ha ha.


[Collapses into fetal ball]


    I've not been able to really start anything because of Overwatch...

    After my albeit brief preview of Orisa, I think she will open up some new team comps with her flexible shield and range. She wont 100% replace Rein, because Rein can move his shield around, and still has a lot of effectiveness. Also, with some of the other changes recently, shields are not going to be as effective as they were in the past.

    That said, be prepared for a few Rein+Orisa and even Rein+Orisa+Symm team comps in the short term, because having multiple shields is still going to be relatively OP compared to what we have to counter it at the moment. Until they buff Junkrat and maybe tweak Reaper, in my opinion, Tanks and shields are still going to be a big part of the game for the time being...

    Now if only we could get some more support options...Currently we only have 4 actual support characters, with Lucio being a must pick at a lot of ranks, and Ana still being ridiculously useful. Mercy has seen a lot more play time with Bastion and her Rez improvement. But we really need more variety there I think.

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