Overwatch’s Newest Hero, Orisa, Is Now Live

Overwatch’s Newest Hero, Orisa, Is Now Live

After an especially lengthy stay on the PTR, Overwatch‘s newest hero, “anchor tank” Orisa, is finally live. She’s accompanied by major changes to precious heal boy Lucio, a new tiebreaker system for competitive matches, and balance changes that span multiple heroes and maps.

First announced a few weeks ago, Orisa is meant to occupy a similar role to Reinhardt, Overwatch‘s shield-wielder-in-chief. Ideally, you’ll be able to build teams around her mix of semi-mobile cover and abilities that screw with the other team’s formation. She also has a mean damage-boosting ult and generally plays nice with other tanks.

Initially, she’ll be available in every mode except competitive. “We want to give players some time to learn about and play Orisa before she’s placed into the crucible of Competitive Play,” said principal designer Scott Mercer.

There are also a bunch of balance changes in this patch. Ana’s biotic rifle now does less damage, Sombra’s hack and translocator got tweaked, Zarya’s barriers no longer prevent knockback, and Bastion doesn’t gain quite so much armour in sentry mode (on console).

You can take a look at all the other tweaks, bug fixes and balance changes in the patch notes here.


  • I may be blind, but I don’t believe the Lucio and tiebreaker system changes went live.

    • Also in this patch:
      – Ana nerf (Rifle damage from 80 to 60)
      – Bastion console Ironclad nerf
      – Junkrat buff (no longer damages self)
      – Sombra buff (hacked healthpacks visible through walls, translocator cooldown reduced, stealth noises radius reduced)
      – Winston barrier cooldown buff (starts from barrier being placed, not barrier ending)
      – Zarya barrier nerf (no longer stops knockback from external sources)
      – Zenyatta buffs (no weapon spread, orb cooldown reduced)
      – Lots of reported bugs for PS4 players, including all music not playing.

      Not included in this patch:
      – Lucio changes
      – Eichenwald changes

  • while she is an interesting character and its nice to have a another Rein in a sense, I cant help but think this season Bastion, Torb, Sym, Rein cheese, has just added another layer of cheese.

    cant wait to see her in action but given how many other overpowered things have left PTR I dont have high hopes for the next week or so.

  • was happy to see self damage removed from junkrats ulti. that used to be so frustrating when you got swarmed from around a corner.

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