Players Are Making Art With No Man's Sky New Photo Mode

No Man's Sky was updated this week to add a new photo mode, and players are using it to make their procedurally generated planets and space battles look dope as hell.

Source: BusyElephant

The new photo mode allows players free movement of the camera, a series of filters, and even the ability to change the time of day and the weather. It's kind of like Instagram, but in space, and with the ability to have a cool sunset in every picture. Right now, the No Man's Sky reddit is really taking advantage of this, and has been flooded with pictures using this new photo mode.

Source: Moustachey

Source: ivXtreme

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Source: Aluxsong

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Source: ivXtreme

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Hello Games has already highlighted some of the best photos on the No Man's Sky Facebook page — they look like tourism posters for the universe.

Source: @Bambam757gaming

Source: Aluxsong

Source: @DrBo42


    My planets look no where near as pretty as the ones in the pictures.

      That is why i stopped playing, best I found was a mostly ocean planet which looked alright but swimming around is so bad.

      Have you played it lately, because most of mine do look on a par with these since the latest updates.

        I bought the game after the updates. The planets I've visited are all of one colour, I haven't even found a planet with water yet.

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