Podcast: Mass Effect: Andromeda Doesn’t Make A Strong First Impression

Podcast: Mass Effect: Andromeda Doesn’t Make A Strong First Impression
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We’re hopeful that Mass Effect: Andromeda will grow on us more, but the first few hours have left me and Kirk a little cold. Today on Kotaku Splitscreen, we discuss why we have mixed feelings about BioWare’s latest.

We talk about the week’s news (7:04), Mass Effect (33:46), and answer some reader questions (1:05:43) on game finances and first dates. Plus some bonus Zelda talk because we can’t get enough of Breath of the Wild (1:22:05).

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  • My biggest problem with MEA is that all the characters seem pretty boring, though I don’t think making characters as likeable as Mordin or as flawed as Legion (in the best way) would be easy.

    • Both of them had two games and a ton of backstory/world-building already established in a still then young IP.

      This game’s biggest issue will be ‘new’ fans constantly being told their favourite game isn’t a patch on the ‘old’ or ‘real’ Mass Effect. And that sucks.

      • I get that its a new game, but both characters were great before the ending of ME2. The characters I have seen so far are very human… and boring.

        • I would argue both had beginnings in ME1, like (at least) for me part of what I liked about Mordin / Legion is that they weren’t the same as what their species were portrayed in ME1

          that said, having played the trial a bit, I do have to say that there isn’t a single character i instantly like as soon as I met them, which may or may not be a good thing (maybe it mimics real life? haha)

          • Yeah, its not that they are bad perse as much as I am not getting that legion moment, where I saw the armour and knew it was going to be special.

    • Patricia’s opinion conversely is on the opposite end of RPS, and Haley’s (another Kotaku writer) is more in between. Haven’t seen any other reports but yeah, it’s a little sketchy atm.

      • RPS article was written by John Walker who pretty much hates anything AAA, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on that review/preview.

        • Yep, basically when it comes to John’s work you can almost safely avoid it as he went of the deep end during gamergate (just like movie bob) and now just hates everything where before he was tough but was never as hostile.

          PC Gamer seem to be having mixed reactions to what they have played of MEA sofar. So you put the Scale at John Walker hating it going all the way to Patricia loving it with everyone else mixed

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