Pokemon And Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness

The above image is not new. It's been floating around online for a while, so it shouldn't be surprising. What might be, however, is just how often Pokemon is used for STD awareness.

[Image: kinzbro | imgur]

The billboard is part of a free STD check campaign, which also ran another series of Pokemon-themed notices last year in several locations in the US. Recently, Redditor blueveinedlion uploaded one of those posters on r/pokemon.

[Image: blueveinedlion | r/pokemon]

Here are more images of the campaign.

So dead right now ? #Pokemon #catchemall #stdcheck #didntseethatcoming #crenshaw #calilife

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You don't wanna catch 'em all! #stdcheck

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Stay classy Oakland! ?stdcheck.com #stdcheck #pokemon #pokemongo #oakland

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This isn't the first time Pokemon has inspired a campaign to catch, no, combat STDs.

Again, as Kotaku previously pointed out, this is not a first. At many academic institutions, Pokemon has used to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

If you're in the US and want more info about free STD checks, have a look at the organisation's official site.


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